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When I originally started Perspective Performance back in 2018 (originally Perspective Sports Performance) I aimed to provide world-class physical performance programs to athletes of all ages and abilities. With time my ideologies changed and I broaden our need with the knowledge of how physical training enhances the performance of not only athletes but non-athletes looking to improve their quality of life and ability to perform everyday tasks with more vigor, enthusiasm, and energy.

To assist in enhancing our clients’ performance we developed 6 simple yet effective values that will contribute to enhancing performance. We believe that by following these 6 key values from top to bottom (much like a structured process-driven program) we will see enhance performance in whatever performance targets we may have.

 Perspective Performance Key Values:


This could mean many things; Listen to your gut, your coach or in our case the client looking to increase performance. The better we listen the better our foundation for beginning the process of enhancing performance.


What is that you want ? how can you achieve it? what can we do to help? If you don’t take the time to think about what you want and how you’re going to get it then you’ll be stuck on a loop of suboptimal performance.


It’s time to learn what you’ve listened to and thought about! increase your knowledge of training while we continue to learn about you as a person, to help you on your journey to perspective performance.


It’s time to act, you can listen, think and learn every day until your grave but if you never act or apply your new knowledge you’ll never reach your full potential. Need help? we have been listening, thinking and learning about you, your needs and your wants and have used what we have learned from years of study and real-world application to tailor a program to your specific needs.


You’ve now acted on your wants and needs and have a plan in place to tackle your performance goals. We as a collective must now commit to the long sometimes difficult journey of increasing and maximizing performance.


The ultimate value in the perspective performance model, the end goal of the achievement of perspective performance. As much as we love the feeling of the achievement of perspective performance, we can’t get there without first; listening, thinking, learning, acting and committing to the perspective performance process.

I take a lot of pride in what I have created and look forward to continuing to grow the brand while staying true to our values.

Keep everything in perspective and happy training!

-Todd from Perspective Performance

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