Trainers Online Coaching Fitness is the Future

Online coaching fitness is the future and here’s why!

online coaching fitness

“I don’t have time to get to the gym today.” “I was gonna go to the gym today, but the babysitter cancelled and now I have to watch the kids at home” “I can’t afford in person training but I need the accountability” “I have no problem going to the gym, I just don’t know what to do” “I just need help changing my lifestyle behaviors”

Do any of these situations relate to you? If so, you are not alone and I have a solution for you.

Being primarily an in person fitness coach I was not satisfied with my level of reach, I’m constantly hungry to help people get on a better path to reach their potential in the gym. My problem was there is not enough hours in the day for me to scale myself to the amount of people I ideally wanted to reach and have a profound impact on.

The answer to that problem was and is online coaching fitness

With online coaching I’m able to reach people across the globe and not limit myself to people in only surrounding neighborhoods and still have my feet in both worlds, and have a tremendous impact on people and their health.

I’ve heard all the perspectives on why people don’t get going in the gym, and they range from everything I mentioned in the beginning of the article to so much more. But despite all those reasons there IS a way to get around all of that. It’s 2018 and the majority of us all have smartphones but we’re just not using them to maximize our lives!

Introducing online coaching fitness to clients that have worked with me has changed their lifestyle in such a positive way that I feel guilty for not getting more people involved; which is why I’m writing this article. I’m desperate for impact, I’m desperate for my ripple in the ocean to be felt, I’m desperate for you to read these words and get motivated and at least pique your interest to reach out to a reputable online coach and reap the benefits.

Online coaching is effective and efficient. If you don’t have time to get to the gym, your online coach can adjust your workout day to cater to an at home 20 minute workout to adapt to your situation. If you can’t afford in person training, online training is always a significantly more feasible option to stay connected with a training professional. If you just don’t know what to do in the gym, use the guidance of an online coach to educate and program you for success.

This is the future because people are busy, and people want more affordable options with quality service. Online coaching fitness hits all these nails on the head and exceeds expectations with the right coach. Now how do you know if you are working with the right coach? Here are some behaviors excellent online trainers will display:

Traits of an excellent online trainer:

  • Educates and performs consistent assessments of clients to ensure success
  • Detailed workout programming to reflect your desired results
  • Nutritional guidance and monitoring
  • Weekly or biweekly followups to ensure accountability and monitor progress
  • Always expanding their knowledge to better service you
  • Doesn’t leave you in the dark but explains the process to you
  • Meets you where you are not where they want you to be

With nutritional guidance, personalized workout programming for your situation, accountability skype/phone calls, online coaches meet you where you are to get you to where you want to go. This isn’t about one-sized fits all workout programs. This is about you. Now what are you going to do about it?

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