Nutrition Nutrition Lies in Your Habits

Nutrition Habits

How should one go about good nutrition habits in a world where there is manipulation to increase your chance of consuming energy-dense (and usually nutrient sparse) foods?

Navigating the abyss solo is possible, but one should focus their efforts on habits, and developing consistency. Not jumping from the next Tag-Line diet to the next supplement promised to make calories irrelevant (sadly this is a lie, that the DHHS FDA and USDA do a terrible job in oversight and accountability when it comes to companies claiming and selling claims that are 100% false and predatory).

Instead of trying whatever Dr. Oz is recommending, why not try the nutrition habits many of us have seen as a child; whether it be from parents, school teachers, daycare, etc.

Eating your veggies at each meal is a simple one, do not overthink it.

Each time you eat, you should have veggies (amounts and what veggies are irrelevant currently). We just want you to develop the “habit” of eating them. Your “habits” are what you do with little to no effort. We only have so much energy to devote (internal and external). You will expend your willpower and have a reduction of capacity if you exhaust and deplete it.

Don’t force yourself to do anything, you will find resistance when you’re tired, and that’s not a good “habit” to develop. Instead, start very small, but hold yourself fully accountable. When that habit becomes 2nd nature, then look to hone it in, and then increase your number of habits you look to commit to (health and wellness wise: walking 10 minutes once a day, every day for 2 weeks, once that’s starting to come “habitual” look to increase your time spent walking or amount of times walking per day, not both, just one.)

We all want it now, sadly health and nutrition do not happen now, they happen little by little until what was, becomes now.

-Thomas from Intent Performance Training And Nutrition

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