Wellness Not All Transformations are Physical


Every Tuesday you will see plastered all over social media posts about #transformationtuesday and 9 out of 10 times there will be a side by side photo. A lot of people focus on the side by side comparison and forget about all the other transformations that happen on this journey called life, your fitness journey, whatever journey you are on.

What about all the little transformations? The non-scale victories? The transformations that are not visible? The things that the new you accomplish on the daily that the “old” you would never have done?

What do I mean by that?

Did you mess up with your diet one day?
New You: It was one meal, onto the next.
Old You:  I messed up so I’ll just restart next week, next month…

Did plans change and you missed a workout?
New You: I’ll just fit in that workout another day.
Old You: I just don’t have the time.

Did you forget your prepped meals at home?
New You: Where can I pick up something that fits my goals?
Old You: Hello fast-food, quick and easy.

Are you able to wear an outfit you couldn’t fit into last year?
New You: Hell yea, and it feels amazing!
Old You: It doesn’t matter because the scale doesn’t show a difference.

Are you getting the idea? Celebrate all the little wins, don’t focus on the scale. This is a lifestyle, a lot of changes come with that! The scale is not going to change every week, celebrating every little win along the way will keep the motivation running high.

A big part of any transformation that a lot of people don’t acknowledge is the mental wins, the change in your mindset. Acknowledge all the changes, and watch how much you will grow in all aspects of your life.

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