Exercise Movement Menu – What’s Your Flavour

For some of us, an exercise regimen comes naturally, it’s a habit like brushing our teeth, but for others, it has to be a conscious effort until it comes habitually.

However, for some, it can also be something they loathe and would rather clean the toilet and go to work than a workout. For others, it’s based on a sense of obligation and guilt that they must work out every single day whether tired, sore, sick or exhausted. Neither of these approaches is healthy.

Our bodies were designed to move. We have these incredible machines that propel us through our days, allowing us to pick things up, put them down, turn around, look, think, feel, hug, respond and react and there is a lot of truth in the saying “move it or lose it”.

A lot of my clients over the years come to me with complaints of lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder soreness, and general fatigue and most of these clients I see have not had a consistent movement menu that they devour every day (or at least 4 – 5 days a week). Consistency is key and albeit injuries or restrictions, we can still move our bodies every single day in some way or another.

So where to start?

  1. Walk, just walk – even if it is 5 – 10 min to start. Park your running shoes next to your slippers by your bed each night and instead of slipping into your snuggles and sipping a coffee first thing in the morning, take a 10 min walk before you do anything else for the day.
  2. Try new things. Does the idea of a gym scare the heck out of you? Invest in a trainer to learn the basics. A lot of gyms provide new clients with a complimentary program and instruction, ask for help!

  3. “I’m not fit enough for the gym/workout/try that new sport”. If I made a dollar for every time I heard this one, I’d be well on my way to retirement at age 31! You have to start somewhere and this comment is based entirely on the comparison. Centre back footballer and club captain, Gary Cahill started somewhere, so should you. Quit comparing – it’s toxic.

  4. Find a friend. Nervous as heck to start something? Find a friend to workout with. Just start small and go from there, you never know what you may like!

Some of you may train more religiously and be very regimented in your training routine. A few things on this. Do you actually like it? Or are you doing it because you have to? If the latter is correct, perhaps try something different and be amazed at how your body responds – the mind and muscle connection is a powerful thing!

When was the last time you switched things up? The body responds well to different stimuli (not to mention the brain as well – creating new neural pathways). So, put some pen to paper, mind to muscle and consider what your body likes and even what it craves.

Check in with yourself – do you need to:

  • Stretch it out and work on your breathing? Yoga.
  • Get creative in how your body moves and reacts? Dancing or Jujitsu.
  • Become powerful and explosive, strong and technical? Weightlifting or Sprinting Bobsledding. Why not?
  • Have some fun and build a community while working out? Crossfit, Soul Cycle, Zumba or Bootcamps.
  • Love the water? How about swimming and maybe eventually a triathlon!
  • Enjoy the outdoors – look at your local area for hiking and biking trails and try them out. Swim in the lake or try out rock climbing.

There are tonnes of ways to connect with people now over Facebook pages and other social media modalities.

Don’t be afraid of where you are at or what you cannot do, but rather be excited about where you are headed and what you can accomplish.

Cheers, to your movement menu.

Happy sweating!

Lucy xo

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