Exercise Mobility Exercises: Move More. Move Better.

Because so much of the population I train and interact with are the corporate office type, I’ve seen the same ailments, injuries, and compensations across the board. Most of these people are going to fit into some (or most) of the following criteria of how they feel and live their lives:

  • Long work hours in an office environment (sitting at a desk for most of the day).
  • Long commute or a commute with heavy traffic which results in sitting in the car for 1+ hours.
  • Become so tired after work that they just want to watch some tv and go to bed.
  • Constantly complain about back pain and find their shoulders and upper back are always really tight.

Sound familiar? More and more Americans are entering the corporate workforce and just about every company seems to be increasing the demand they place on their employees. The result? Your shoulders and hips become tight and are prone to injury. This usually goes unresolved for too long.

mobility exercise - Cow yoga Pose

Here’s a quick self-evaluation you can do anywhere you have a wall

Place your back on the wall while placing your feet out in front you in an almost squat position (we’ll call this a half squat). The main focus here is maintain as much contact on the wall through your spine, specifically your lower back. Now, as you maintain that position, bring your arms up in front of you and overhead, trying to touch the wall with the back of your hands. Keep your arms straight and elbows locked out. Did you touch the wall without your lower back coming off the wall? If you did, fantastic, you’ve got great mobility! Continue to practice this movement. For those that couldn’t, I want to provide some assistance in keeping your mobility.

Besides the movement I described above (which you should be doing just about anytime you can), there are a few other mobility drills you can practice at home or at the office. These are short, efficient, and effective. Practice them often and to regain some of that lost mobility. You should aim for the full range of movement that I describe in the videos below, but listen to your body and stop when you feel pain or you start to compensate in one way or another.

I like to flow many of the movements together into a morning or bedtime routine or to stretch different parts that may be sore from a previous training session.

Here are some mobility exercises for you to try:

Thoracic Rotations

90/90 shoulder and hip mobilizations

Cat/cow stretch

Tabletop bridge

Practice, practice, practice! Start going through a few of these movements in the morning or night. I encourage all feedback; let me know what and how you feel. Share with friends/family/gym buddies, and thank you all for the continuous support.

Stay happy. Stay healthy.
Coach Oscar.

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