Exercise Motivation for Movement

I get asked quite often why I do not wear a belt when lifting heavy. I have had to put my foot down with a coach who wanted me to wear a lifting belt. As an Exercise Physiologist and someone who researches everything before I try it out, I had my reasons the biggest of which was this: I can’t wear lifting belts when I go on squad or fire calls. I play like I practice, so I don’t train with something that I can’t wear when lifting heavy could mean life or death for someone. 


Motivation for Movement

I have two big motivations for working out. The first is given in the above paragraph. I am an EMT/Firefighter, and I need to be physically strong enough to provide support to my partners on calls and move patients of all sizes as needed. The second motivation is to better my health. I have some health concerns I would like to have reversed and prevented from returning. Clean eating and regular exercise are two contributing factors to that goal. Not used to hearing someone not list “lose weight” as a top motivation? That’s not one of my reasons, but it is a positive side effect of the regular exercise and clean eating for my 2 main motivations or goals.

What wishes do you have in your life that could serve as motivation to get into a habit of exercise?

Someone might want to finish a 5k. Another may want to be able to walk their dog without running out of breath. Does anyone have grandkids they want to take to the park, push on the swings, get going on the merry-go-round? Do you have kids that look up to you, that want to copy everything you do? Why not set a good example for them – to take pride in what they can do and take care of themselves from a health and fitness standpoint. Of course, summer is coming. A lot of people worry about their beach body… is that you?

I was dog-sitting last week. It’s been awhile since I’ve been around a non-senior age pup. This cutie wanted to play fetch non-stop. I played for about 30 minutes before my shoulder starting to tire out. This was after a work-out with a lot of shoulder work! I can tell you that five years ago, I would not have been able to throw a bone or a deflated dodgeball for 10 minutes non-stop, let alone 30 minutes.

Not sure you can put into words your reasons for wanting to get moving a bit more?

That’s ok. We can work with that! Take it one step at a time starting with talking with someone who wants to help you reach your maximum potential!

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