Exercise The Most Misunderstood Fitness Tool

The most misunderstood fitness tool is also one of the most effective, when used properly. The problem is that no one knows how to use them properly.

The Most Misunderstood Fitness Tool

The most misunderstood fitness tool: kettlebells

Think about it: If you could burn fat, gain muscle and strength, and eliminate back pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain all with ONE tool, would you do it? Of course you would. Why, then, are gyms across the country not filled with kettlebells in all sizes, with people swinging their hearts out? Because very few people know how to use kettlebells properly. Once you unlock the magic of the kettlebell swing, amazing things happen. Your hips open up, allowing your back to ease out of perma-extension. Your glutes get stronger, allowing your knees to relax. Your lats get stronger, giving you better posture and fewer stress headaches. You’re slimming down, toning up, and feeling like a million bucks, inside and out. Suddenly, your other hobbies are improving; you can run faster, jump higher, tackle harder, swim better, and bike further.

Kettlebells: like steroids, with a free butt lift

The secret to all of this is finding a trainer that possesses this knowledge. Out of the tens of thousands of gyms that even have kettlebells, how many of them have a kettlebell-certified trainer on hand? We are a bit of a unicorn, my friends.

Shocker: your arms have almost no involvement in swinging a kettlebell

Sure, there might be someone on staff who attended Youtube University, watched a couple how-to videos, and now implements these often unsafe maneuvers to anyone who asks about the pile of kettlebells in the corner. But without proper coaching on how to perform a hip hinge, not swinging above shoulder height, and locking down the core, none of the benefits will be reaped.

Train smarter, not harder

Forget the hours and hours of conventional training and expensive equipment. Invest in a couple bells, hire a knowledgeable trainer who can deliver affordable programming, and get your swing on.

Kim Diedrich

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