Nutrition Macros Counting. Does It Matter?

macros counting

Start counting macros in an app and balance them the best you can

Counting calories is paramount when on the quest of fat loss. But to speed up results or ensure you have adequate recovery from gruelling gym sessions, taking macros into account can mean you really get down to business.

We’ll rate it like the Love Islanders this season…

Calorie counting can be like your A level education whereas macros counting/balancing will be like degree level, get it? Both are ok but I reckon we’d all benefit from a degree level with regards to nutrition gains.

Don’t stress, we don’t need degree level of intelligence to crack the macro world. It is probably simpler than you think:

We just need to start tracking our food in an app with the focus being on the 3 macronutrients (protein, carbs & fat) and balance them as best we can.

It won’t start out perfect. Like anything, it takes time to get it right but that’s part of the learning process. So, like with the training element of any fitness journey, learn to enjoy the process and treat this like an education cert where you learn one step at a time.

In order of priority:

1. Calories – I’ll set these for you according to goals

2. Protein – keep this at 30 or 35% for a standard gym goer

3. Carbs / Fat – split these as you prefer to eat (I’m a massive carbzilla but some people prefer higher fat diets, which is absolutely fine)

Nutrition is key to the quickest results. We can coast along doing what we’ve always done and that’s absolutely ok, but if you want to maximize results in the quickest time poss then hard work and consistency is needed and getting to grips with the basics of macros counting.

As I always say: Training is just training, it’s the food that adds the magical fairy dust.

I’m an all in / balls deep kinda gal but I always give options to clients with regards to the slow road or straight to destination with satellite navigation direction (I’m the sat nav BTW).

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