Wellness How to gain 30+ pounds of fat in half a year or less (OR avoid it)


Hello friends, now this might seem crazy, but I have been conducting an experiment on how much weight I can gain in the span of 6 months. I did this mainly to understand why the human body can generate body fat at an alarming rate, and the culprits that cause it. I implemented several eating habits that majority of us incorporate into our diet/lifestyle. Eating like this on a daily basis will lead to weight gain.

Here is my background to add a little bit of context. I have been a certified nutritionist and trainer for over 6 years now, and have trained over 150 clients at this point. At the beginning of this experiment my body fat was at 7.5% and weight was at 168 pounds, and at the end of the experiment my body fat is sitting at 20.1% and weight is at 202 pounds. Once again, I did this on purpose to help people understand why they might be experiencing uncontrollable weight gain! I am going to list the biggest culprits and dive slightly into specifics on each of them.

Culprit List

Sleep Deprivation: Sleep is one of the most important hormone stabilizers in the body on top of body regeneration. A minimum of 6 hours a day is needed to not damage the body’s functions.

Undernourishment: Under-eating can be as dangerous as overeating. The body needs a sufficient amount of nutrients to run properly! A lack of nutrients will push the body’s primary fat metabolism hormones into a lowered state causing rapid weight gain.

Over-Nourishment: An obvious culprit, but one of the most common. Overeating basically provides your body with too many nutrients causing all extra nutrients to be generated into body fat.

Dirty Eating: The bread and butter of every bad diet is dirty eating. Soda, candy, chips, juice, etc. are not only dangerous from a caloric standpoint but also a metabolic one. Majority of these foods will contain high fructose corn syrup which will significantly stagger your fat metabolism.

Alcohol: Though I did not experiment with this, alcohol is one of the biggest leaders in the obesity epidemic. Alcohol carries 7 empty calories per gram (calories that do not benefit any process in the body), and intake of 2 shots or more leads to the shutdown of your fat metabolism until the alcohol is flushed from the body. This means anything consumed prior or during this period is generated into body fat.

Water: The human body is about 50-65% water. We lose water through breathing, digesting, sweating, etc., therefore, it is important to consume at least 64 ounces a day. Our body uses water for countless functions in the body such as brain function, temperature control, and much more. Dehydration will cause many symptoms and will force the body to struggle in almost every category.

What do all of these habits have in common? They impact the hormones in your body. When the hormones in the body are not in their proper state it will affect everything in your life and health. I am returning back to my healthy lifestyle and will keep you guys updated :).

Comment below if you have some questions that you want to be answered with more depth! Stay healthy neighbors!

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