Exercise How Intense Are Your Workouts?

intense workout


Can you honestly say your workouts are intense?

Do you walk out of the gym knowing you have put your heart and soul into that workout?

You have two people doing the same workout, same numbers of sets, the same number of reps, you still have two completely different outcomes, how? Because one person has the intensity and the other doesn’t.

It’s all about how intense each rep and set of each exercise is completed. We have all heard of the phrase ‘’you get out what you put in’’ That is what intensity is all about.

Intensity is hard to put into words. You either get it, or you don’t. Training with progressive overload and putting stress on the muscles will force them to adapt and grow/tone bigger and stronger.

Intensity is not only physical, but it is also mental.

You have to feel every rep, feel the full range of motion and feel the stress on the muscles. Sounds corny, but if you are just doing the exercise just to get it done, then you are not going to see the right results.

You will just know when you have an intense workout because they are the best workouts. You have to take your body to the absolute limit. Throughout the workout you should remain focussed and let nothing else distract you. Your body has so much potential, but certain people won’t reach that potential because they don’t want to push themselves and leave their comfort zones.

Studies show the more intense the workout is with the correct form/technique, that the likelihood of injury decreases. You must have the desire and determination to change your body for the better, if you don’t have them then you are going to fail. Also, you have to want it bad enough and know that it is going to take everything for you to get there.

You have to change your mindset to linking pleasure with training and pain to missing training. It’s so much in the mind. Stop talking yourself out of going to the gym and start talking yourself into going to the gym.

Set goals for yourself, don’t just turn up at the gym, that isn’t enough.

You need to have something to work towards and focus on. If you need help with that, then I suggest you seek it.

You should keep your workout close to 45-60 mins to maintain maximum intensity. Training longer than an hour is nearly impossible to maintain maximum intensity.

So from this point on, make a pact to yourself that whatever workout that you have planned, whether its resistance training, cardio training or any other type of training, it is done with the utmost intensity. Nothing else matters in the world at that time, you just get it done with everything you have and I promise you will reap the rewards.

Training with intensity is the deciding factor between seeing results and wasting your time.

– Karl Stinchcomb

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