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Have you ever found yourself in a tough place mentally?

The answer to this question for everyone should be YES! I believe it is safe to say we have all been in a situation where the stress level is elevated to a certain degree. Being involved in the Fitness and Wellness business for 17 years you get to know how people operate above the shoulders pretty well. My Job is to educate, motivate, guide and inspire individuals to an improved quality of life through what I call physical and mental MOVING.

When the eyes open first thing in the morning our focus immediately goes into a YOU first ME second overdrive. An accelerated force of panic, anxiety and negativity sets in. The thought of a deadline at work or school makes you feel sick. The concern of your family and or friends slowly creeps in as you take more and more steps towards the shower or breakfast. The last thought on your mind is “I need to do 3 things for myself today and one of them must be some kind of physical exercise”. Are you telling yourself “I deserve the best…” hmmmm… probably not. My Friends, you need to start giving yourself some time for yourself and what I like to call a little CREDIT.

Planning and goal setting is key to become rich in your health.

Give yourself some time on a Sunday night to organize your “It’s About Me” weekly calendar. Whether its an hour in the gym 3x a week, a healthy walk during a lunch break at work, calling a friend that makes you feel good, take an yoga class, go rock climbing, read a few chapters in a book by the ocean or a place of peace for you. Figure out what makes you HAPPY and DO IT! If you would like to lose a few pounds try the add two, delete two philosophy. Add two foods to your daily intake that will help you achieve your goals and delete two foods that will help you achieve your goals. Try it! It works!

By following these key steps to an improved quality of life and putting your mental and physical health first positive changes in YOU will be made almost immediately. Surround yourself around as many positive people as you can and remember You Deserve The Best!

In Good Health,

Michael Gulyas

The Motivator

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