Lifestyle Goals Setting and the Fear of Failure

goals setting

Take your time when setting goals, a little bit every day goes a really long way!

You hear it all the time on all of the social media channels. Set Goals Big enough that they scare the hell out of ya. Those being the long-term goals of course.  I get that & understand why.  The problem with this though is the feeling of overwhelm & the lack of self-belief.

But you do have two options here.

One – set those scary out there goals, and put in the work needed to build your self-belief.  Such things as Self Image Statements, Visualisation, Affirmations, and Weekly Reviews.  Be sure to schedule this time out in your daily diary.

Option 2 – Set a timeline for all those little goals needed to achieve the long-term goal. Break everything into little weekly, monthly chunks. Something that in the beginning is very realistic to you at the moment. Achieving great success in the early weeks, and months will do two things. Build momentum & build self-confidence.

For example, let’s take weight loss. I have had many clients who wanted to lose 2 stones in a very short time, which is equal to 28lbs. What if that client gave themselves 28 weeks to lose that 28lbs. OK, it might take a little longer than the original plan. But immediately it will take away any added stress & pressure to their daily lives. Every one of us has so much on our plates at the moment. A complete overhaul of your lifestyle will be sure to set you up for a lot of resistance from within. The knock-on effect will be you feeling like crap, like a failure, trying to understand why you cannot succeed. How does everyone else do it? This leads you to believe you are useless and that losing weight for you is impossible.

My advice, take your time when setting goals, a little bit every day goes a really long way. I’ve tried and tested this approach with my Slim & Tone Programme. Results have been phenomenal. Working your mental muscle in the process has given all of my clients that sense of well-being on the inside giving that by-product of fat loss on the outside.

“A little bit every day goes a long way”

Women Gone Strong

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