Trainers Getting Started in the Gym, and on Your Fitness Journey

fitness journey

Getting started with your fitness journey is like eating an elephant.

For some it may seem the task is to much, intimidating and daunting. Don’t let your self image stop you from making an appearance in the gym. Everyone started somewhere, whether they were a string bean and obese. Nothing is more inspirational for me as a certified personal trainer than seeing an over weight person in the gym sweating their ass off, literally.

One step at a time.

Getting off the couch is the first step, and for many the hardest. Try finding a friend that would like to join you on this journey. You don’t have to be alone. Once in the gym you’re already lapping those that are still on the couch.

Make your body the priority.

Take a step back and visualize a month of spending. Fast food once per week, sugary drinks/coffee, highly processed foods added up over the month can easily cost you what it would take to buy a membership and hire a personal trainer. There is always room for things you make important.

Get connected with a professional.

Ask to see a professional. Nothing will help you more in your journey than picking the brain of a certified and legitimized personal fitness trainer. Hiring a trainer should take some time. You are hiring them, interview the trainer, on the phone, preferably in person. Ask them of past success stories, “whats in it for me”, why you over other trainers, what makes you unique. I love hearing prospects demanding the best. What out for over dramatized or exaggerated claims and promises. A good trainer will say “75% of the work will be your job, all i do is steer the car, you do the pushing”.

Ask questions to those who are also on their fitness journey.

You may be surprised that many are where you’re at, still learning and chugging along. Asking those you think are “in shape” would also be a great way to learn what to avoid in the near future of your journey. It gives me such a confidence boost when someone in the gym asks me a question. 90% of the people in the gym are always willing to share a few bits of secrets with you.

I hope this has helped you build the confidence to get off your butt and begin, or inspire you to make a change and get aggressive with your transformation.

PT Gabriel Grove

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