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The 3 best tips to take you to the next level of your workouts

Picture this. Your 5 weeks into a new lifting program,  you’re feeling as if the wheels are just spinning, but you’re getting nowhere. You’re hitting your prescribed sets, your calorie goal, and you’re being consistent.

What needs to change?

To bust through these plateaus, I’m going to give you the 3 best tips I’ve personally found, to take you to the next level of your training.

1) Pre Workout glycogen loading

When dieting, especially in a calorie deficit, you’re very depleted. If you’re a few weeks in, you’ll notice you wake up, and your muscles are flat. You lift, and the pumps are gone. What you’re experiencing, is glycogen depletion. To fix this, it’s fairly simple. You should eat 1-4grams of carbohydrates per kg of body weight, pre workout. Whether it comes in the form of clean rice with a source of protein, or if you’re in a bind and slam a few Rice Krispies before your session, you WILL benefit from glycogen loading.

2) Do More Compound Lifts

Whether cutting or bulking, your best bet is compound lifts. Especially during a cut. When your calories are low, you can do all the hypertrophy you want, You aren’t growing new muscle. Your best bet is to go as heavy as possible with good form, and try to preserve as much strength and muscle you’ve built during the bulk. Lifts like Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press, and Shoulder Presses, will yield the most results, while altogether burning more calories than isolation exercises.

3) Supplement Help

Another thing you can do to help out, is get your supplement game right. But remember, these are meant to supplement your diet. Not to be the main source of nutrition.

Some supplements that will help your workouts:

  1. Creatine Monohydrate (ATP production)
  2. Whey Protein (Recovery)
  3. Leucine (Encourages protein synthesis)
  4. Glutamine (nitrogen retention)

Adding these into your daily regimen will prove to better your workouts, and get you out of that “depleted” feel in the gym.

Keep grinding guys.

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