Exercise Get Fit and Have Fun Doing It

Get Fit and Have Fun Doing It

Get Fit and Have Fun Doing It

What do playing soccer, throwing your favorite frisbee, and counting the number of push-ups you done in 60 seconds or more have in common?

If you answered each is a fitness activity than give yourself an A+!

Soccer, frisbees, and physical exercises such as push-ups that use your body-weight as resistance are just three of hundreds of fun activities that can make us fit.

Additional activities you might not think of as connected to fitness include helping dad wash the car, yard work, and gardening to name a few.

Never has there been a more important time to become more active. There are many benefits to becoming more active and fit that you’ll love. And the best part is that it does not take expensive exercise equipment or a long time to improve your fitness level.

After all, it is fun to play! So let’s play, shall we?

Becoming more fit means you’ll feel better. Imagine how awesome you’ll feel if you’re more alert. You’ll be able to use your brain to focus better when preparing for anything like which cool outfit to wear or the next move to make while playing a favorite video game! And when you’re more alert, you’re more aware of things happening outdoors or around the house.

Energy to Burn

Here’s a tiny science review question. Are you ready? What form of matter is produced when two or more atoms collide? Put those thinking caps on!

If you answered energy then you passed with flying colors.

Fit people have more energy to do more fun stuff like playing with Rover or the not so fun stuff like doing chores. Energy means there is more fuel to keep the body in motion longer with less fatigue over time.

Remember the last time you ran to catch a frisbee or chase Rover? If you were out of breath sooner than you expected chances are your lungs and muscles became fatigued due to limited energy supply.

When your body is more fit it is a more efficient machine capable of producing all the energy you need to do whatever you’re doing without feeling exhausted or breathing too heavy!

Confidence is Super Rad

Improved fitness also means more confidence. Everyone wants to feel good about themselves. Whether it means feeling good about learning the latest dance moves, helping parents out around the house, or simply helping a BFF get through a difficult time, confidence is necessary to feel good about anything you’re doing.

Through fitness, you’ll feel more confident about your health. You’ll also feel more confident performing any task well that you put your mind to because there is a connection between the mind and the body. The trick is to optimize the mind-body connection in order to make it your best connection ever!

In closing, remember to take time out of every day to do activities you enjoy. Starting out it’s not so important how long you do the activities—just do not overdo it. As your body becomes more fit, you can add more fun things. That will keep you busy and your body-mind connection happy.

And in less time than it takes to count 10,000 sheep before an afternoon snooze you’ll realize that improving levels of fitness means you’ll be more alert, have more energy increase your confidence, and much more, all required is your imagination.

Let’s get fit!


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