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When it comes to your fitness goals, you’re driving the car!

As a Trainer, I’ve witnessed plenty of clients that felt they had to stop their program completely because they had a busy season coming up. For them, going from three days of training to one day of training just wasn’t “worth it”.

As a client, I understand that my seasons will change but my fitness goals have to remain the same. And that often just means taking your foot off the gas, but never allowing the car to completely remain in park.

Think about your fitness lifestyle as your commute to work every day

There are some days where the roads are so busy with the construction at the most inconvenient spots, you have to slow down. Now, instead of the desired 40mph, you have to drive at 20mph and it takes you a little longer to get to work. Other days, you’ll be cruising at 70mph with nobody else in sight. Just you and the open road with no slow downs.

It’s the same when it comes to thinking about the time you have on any given day, week, or month to put towards your health and fitness.

Some weeks you may have to throw away the idea of getting in four workouts, because only two will be feasible. Other months, you’re easily crushing three runs a week because nobody else is slowing you down and you’re taking advantage of the free roads.

No matter what’s happening, the most important thing to remember is that even if you get a flat tire, need to and pick it back up in a week..you still have to drive the car in the direction you started. You can’t abandon your vehicle and expect the car to work again when you need it to.

Because if you only want to go 70mph and leave the car in park when you can at least be going 20mph, you’ll never get to where you wanted to go.

Ask yourself this question when you find yourself on the busy roads:

Are you willing to get there a little slower, or are you happy with never getting there at all?
Kristin Tullo Fitness

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