Lifestyle Ditch the Old, In with the New: Fresh Fitness Ideas

This article is about tired lines that gyms and/or personal trainers hear every January, and what you can to do instead with fresh fitness ideas.

Ditch the Old and In with the New: Fresh Fitness Ideas

1) “Why wait until tomorrow, start today”

Grab your calendar and pick two days a week where you will dedicate 30-minutes to exercising – moving your body. People are so gung-ho in January with their, “New Year’s Resolutions” and thinking you can go from never exercising, to exercising four days a week is setting yourself up for failure. Begin with small baby steps that you can stick to, and after 15 – 30-days you can increase the number of days you are exercising and/or the length of time.

2) “A trainer will get you started on a program”

Instead, make a point of being accountable to yourself and making your health and wellness a crucial step for your lifestyle. The two ‘free’ sessions you are having with a trainer is not going to keep you going to the gym or following through with any program you have been given. Again, if you are a newbie, then you are going to be sore with a program that is not suited to your current level. The soreness a newbie experience’s is going to turn them away from exercising instead of keeping them going.  Keep your new program going by keeping your training sessions for at least 90-days.

3) “Try a super-charged, pump or cross-fit class”

Often when a person is overweight or new to exercise, seeing other participants chiseled is a real turn off and lowers their self-confidence. How can someone that has never exercised suddenly do a hard-core class?! Plus, this is a road for injuries to occur.

4) People need to have fun when working out and do exercises they are able to perform

A lower fitness level or through modifications. It’s taking the baby steps that will lead to accomplishing and attaining personal goals they have set up for themselves.

Many trainers and gyms need to realize, it’s not what “they” think the participant’s goals should be, it’s about listening and helping the client strive forward to realistic goals they – the participant/client – wants to achieve AND taking the necessary baby steps to achievement.

And finally in achieving your baby steps. Baby steps are HUGE accomplishments for someone that is new to exercising, and feeling the self-confidence and celebrations is what keeps one moving forward to the next step.

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