Exercise Building Muscle and Higher Testosterone “Alpha Male “


Building muscle is the primary goal for many guys at the gym. Increasing muscle mass does not only help you look better, but it also keeps you healthy. You’ll be stronger so you can lift heavy things and do more in life, like hiking, playing sports, and traveling.

But building muscle is more than just going to the gym and lifting weights. You need higher testosterone levels to really bulk up and add on significant muscle mass. Let’s learn more about building muscle and the role testosterone plays in it.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone that is found in both men and women. Men naturally have higher levels of testosterone, which is why they bulk up more easily than women. Your testosterone levels (or T levels) affect more than just muscle mass, though. They are responsible for your sex drive, sperm production, mood, and fat storage. As you age, your T levels will naturally lower but you can do things to help keep these levels high and stay in good shape.

Building Muscle

Testosterone helps you build muscle. In general, the higher your T level, the more muscle you can build. This is why bodybuilders will often use steroids. Steroids give them a huge boost of testosterone that helps them massively bulk up for shows. However, we don’t recommend using steroids! You can increase your T levels and your body’s sensitivity to it by lifting regularly and keeping your cardio to a moderate level. You also need to consume plenty of protein and vegetables to keep your body lean and sensitive.

Losing Fat

Testosterone not only helps your muscles grow, but it helps you lose fat. Your T levels play a direct role in how your body stores fat. If you have higher T levels, then you will be much leaner than a guy who has low T levels. Scientists are still working to figure out how testosterone affects fat cells, but study after study has confirmed that high T levels will stop fat cell production and keep you from becoming obese. Therefore, if you want to have more muscle and less fat, you need to keep your T levels high!

Should You Supplement?

In addition to lifting regularly, eating healthy, and getting plenty of sleep, you can increase your T levels by taking supplements. This is certainly an option if you want to bulk up. Just make sure you are buying from a reputable source who provides clean supplements. Always start with the smallest dosage and work your way up. If you have too much testosterone, your body can convert it to estrogen which leads to fat storage, muscle loss, and even man boobs. You want to avoid that at all costs!

Testosterone is an important part of building muscle. You need high levels to maintain proper muscle mass and keep fat storage down. You can naturally increase your levels through a healthy diet and exercise, but supplements are an option. If you are worried that your T levels are low, you can get a simple blood test done to determine your numbers.

Once you know your baseline, you can work to increase your levels. Sticking with a regular program will have you making gains in the gym in no time.



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