Nutrition Benefits of Eating Protein

Hello #fitfam. Let’s talk about eating protein and it’s benefits. 

Read this article to find out how much protein you should eat!

Eating protein

Benefits of Eating Protein

Eating protein alone won’t make you big and bulky, nor will it magically make you lean and toned, but having the right amount of protein in your day will help you reach your goals more quickly. Muscle is the most metabolic tissue in the body and protein feeds the muscle.

We all know a major part of losing weight is to be in a calorie deficit. You lose weight when you eat fewer calories than you need for energy.

How much protein should I eat?

The current recommended daily allowance for protein is about .36g/lb. This number represents the minimum amount that we need in order to avoid malnutrition. Many studies have shown that people 0.8 – 1.2 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass has favorable results when it comes to fat loss.

It has been shown that a high protein diet actually increases levels of hormones that make you feel full while reducing your levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin. This makes it easier to eat less because you simply won’t have as many cravings or desires for food not in your nutrition plan.

🔥 Benefits of eating protein include:

* Helps curb cravings.

* Helps maintain lean muscle mass.

* Helps repair your muscles.

* Helps you feel full.

* Helps increase your caloric burn.

There are tons of places to get protein like:

🔥high quality sources of beef, chicken, fish.

🔥 plant sources like hemp seeds, lentils, peas and nut butters.

🔥 vegan protein shakes.

🔥 and more.

As you can see there are multiple benefits of consuming adequate amounts of protein in your diet no matter if your goal is weight loss, getting toned or muscle gain.

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