Wellness How to Avoid Severe Negative Energy Balance

“A severe negative energy balance can lead to a decline in metabolism, decreases in bone mass, reductions in thyroid hormones, reductions in testosterone levels, an inability to concentrate, and a reduction in physical performance.”

Severe Negative Energy Balance

It’s hard to comprehend these ramifications if you haven’t personally gone through them.

As your coach, friend, peer – I can honestly say that I have experienced all of the above due to severe negative energy balance.

While you may lose 1 lb every 2 weeks or 3 lbs in a month, it’s FAR healthier than losing 10lbs in a month. This is all relative to your body size and structure, but I need you all to know where I am coming from with your programming.

Mind Body Soehl Fitness was born out of the passion to help others achieve their goals in a healthy MANNER and MINDSET. I could never live with myself knowing that a client severely rebounded or suffered any of the conditions above under my coaching expertise.

The rate at which you progress is directly related to your adherence to plan and communication with me. If you’re hitting your plan at a true 80% you should be seeing some serious shifts! If you’re hitting your plan at 70% or below and feel like your plan isn’t working, you need a serious mental shift. HENSE time teaching out to you all to discuss where you are right now and where you want to be. Shout out to the handful that scheduled appointments.

My plans won’t ruin your bodies.

My plans may not be the most strict or toughest plans you’re ever done, but if it’s not sustainable than what’s the point. What my plans DO accomplish; healthier mindset, body composition changes, FAT LOSS, gear stepping stones to improve your relationship with yourself and your health.

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