Nutrition Are You Eating Enough Protein?

eating Protein

In any nutritional program, if adaptation or physiological change is your goal, the need for adequate protein in a calorie maintenance (where you eat the same number of calories as you burn), calorie deficit (eating less than you burn) or a calorie surplus (eating more than you burn) is critical in maintaining or increasing lean muscle tissue.

Protein breakdown is when your body uses protein from predominantly your muscle tissue for energy, we only do this in a calorie deficit and the result would be the drop in muscle mass, which we try and minimalize as much as possible.

Remember that if you fail to hit your protein goal one day, do not stress, it’s only one day! It is chronic and repeated fails that we should be concerned about. Avoid mistakes by planning and understand your life and fit meals around it.

Eating protein triggers protein synthesis and the building of muscle tissue, eating an adequate amount of protein can improve body composition, reduce hunger and reduce body fat. Protein lives up to its esteem by improving brain function and aiding many aspects of health including blood pressure, cardiovascular health, disease prevention, sleep and longevity which are often unknown benefits.

If you are undergoing any training program, most of the time you are breaking down muscle tissue, which can be very beneficial for you if you respond correctly. You are now in need to repair and sometimes grow this broken-down muscle tissue which is done by consuming protein. Protein repairs the breakdown and if you are in an energy surplus you will grow slightly.

Food Sources


Lean Beef 32g 113g
Chicken Breast 43 170g roasted
Turkey Breast 52g 170g roasted
Tuna 40g 170g
Peanut Butter 4.5g 1 teaspoon
Tofu 11g 99g
Eggs 6g 1 large
Cheddar Cheese 7g 189ml
Skimmed Milk 7g 189ml
Yogurt 11g 227g
Cottage Cheese 15g 113g
Haddock 27g 170g cooked
Pork 30g 113g roasted
Almonds 3g 12 nuts
Kidney Beans 7g 113g
Hummus 6g 113g
Refried Beans 7g 113g
Baked Beans 14g 227g
Chick Peas 10.6g 200g
Oily Fish 30g 170g
Sausages (beef) 27g 2
Lentils 15g 227g
Rice – Boiled 3g 170g
Pasta – Boiled 4g 227g
Peanuts 7g 28

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