Wellness Anabolism – What Does It Mean and How to Deal With It?

Explained: what anabolism is and how it affects you.


Anabolism, catabolism, metabolism

Anabolism is the state of building or creating new cells. It is the opposite of its nemesis catabolism. Catabolism is the state in which cells are being broken down and used up.

For example, the idea of eating every two to three hours is to keep your metabolism in high gear and to stay in an anabolic state. In contrast to this, by starving yourself, you are in a catabolic state where your body is breaking down different parts of itself in order to essentially stay alive.

Our cells rely on us to stay in a homeostatic state. This is where our pH balance is neutral at 7 and everything is working in harmony. This means, if you are in a catabolic state you are not in homeostasis. Your body works over time wasting precious nutrients and muscle tissue that you have worked so hard to get. In contrast, if you are eating small meals every few hours and drinking plenty of water we stay in the precious anabolic state.

I like to think of it in terms of grazing like a stallion all day long as opposed to eating a huge amount of food in one sitting and hibernating like a bear. Sound familiar?

Methods to boost anabolism

Whether you lift weights, swim, or simply walk around the neighbourhood for exercise, the principle of staying anabolic applies to each and every one of us. Balance is really the answer here, eat smart and frequently. To truly achieve anabolism you must take the proper steps in order to get to your goal and stay there. This is the prime nature in which our body is able to produce, regenerate, and recover naturally. This is the building state where our cells are the happiest.

So how do I get into an anabolic state and stay there? There are certain things we must adhere to in order to achieve this homeostatic anabolic state. Proper nutrition is absolutely the most important aspect of healthy living and anabolism. Daily exercise is also an important factor along with hydration from water and minerals. Finally, rest. You must try to get at least 7 hours of solid sleep a night for optimal growth and recovery. It is also proven that the colder and darker your sleep environment is the better your sleep will be.

Remember, by doing what you have always done, you will get exactly what you have always gotten. Its time to think outside the box. You must take the time to make the changes. There are absolutely no shortcuts, fad diets, or supplements that will do it for you. From my experience working with clients, all the way from competitive athletes to your “average joe” one thing is always constant. You either are truly committed to making change or not.

Some people talk and think a big game but when the time comes to put in the work, they fail. Why? Because anything worth doing is never going to be easy. It is not always easy to make  changes. But in order to achieve a state where your body is constantly thriving and building up, you must take the necessary steps to get there.

Anabolic state – natural state

In conclusion, anabolism is a state where our bodies are going or building up. In catabolism our cells are being broken down or used up. The optimal state to be in is an anabolic state and this has nothing to do wth supplements. This is a natural state in which our bodies strive to achieve and maintain. There are many steps we can take to achieve anabolism. Knowing the proper steps and how to achieve them is crucial towards building lean muscle tissue. If you would like to learn more in depth information on how to maximize your diet and training, contact me.

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