Nutrition A Simple Guide to Eating Healthy While Away on Business

A Simple Guide To Eating Healthy While Away On Business

Business trips can be interesting occasionally, and also tiring at times. Because of my fitness background, however, being on the road and eating healthy, isn’t what it used to be. I still have fun and eat junk sometimes but for the most part, I stick to my plan. So here is a simple guide to eating healthy while away on business.

It’s not easy to eat healthy and balance business. We aren’t on our daily schedule, we are constantly taking public transportation, and have to network with hundreds of people, usually at restaurants.

It can be easy to slip when you are away on business, but you shouldn’t have to. the whole mindset of “this doesn’t count” when you are away is ludicrous at best. Yet if you travel even regularly, you’ll promptly find out that it does matter as your love handles begin to protrude more and you can’t button your pants.

It’s a terrible feeling that we have all encountered. It doesn’t have to be though. Join me as I take you through the tips and tricks I have learned to stay on track while your life is off the track.

Tip 1. Plan ahead and pack healthy snacks

This is possibly the number one way to make sure you stay on track while away on business.

When you have something handy to munch on consistently, you will never get ravenous. We all know that feeling. You haven’t eaten in 6 hours and all you want is a big juicy burger. Fortunately, with snacks on hand, you will never get to that hunger state, thus saving you from hundreds of excess calories you will never burn off.

Healthy snack ideas to pack:

  1. Beef Jerky
  2. Low sugar protein bars
  3. Fruit, preferably berries but those are hard to keep fresh. Apples or Oranges will do.
  4. Nuts
  5. Sliced vegetables with hummus

Tip 2. Have a hearty breakfast before you leave for the day

The best morning meal option for how to eat healthy while traveling for work is to get room service because it’s fastest and you can eat while you prepare. I suggest an omelet or oatmeal with berries because these will fill you up for a good amount of time.

The reason for this is if you wait to get to the office, you will be at the mercy of many baked goods I imagine. Foods such as bagels, muffins, even pizza, later on, will be calling your name. Fortunately, you already ate a hearty meal and their powers of persuasion won’t work on you.

Stay in control. You are the one that decides when and what you eat. Remember that.

Tip 3. Pack your meals for the day (How to meal prep)

Meal prepping is your savior while you are away. Make sure before you go to bed or when you wake up, you prepare your meals for the day. This not only applies to business trips but also regular life as well. If you have food readily available and you know when your next meal will be, you will not be frothing at the mouth to get unhealthy food later on. PLAN AHEAD.

Tip 4. Bring water everywhere you go

Besides meal prepping, this is the most important rule you can adhere to when on the road. Sometimes your brain can get confused. In this confusion, it thinks that it’s hungry but in fact you are dehydrated. Remember, water is your #1 friend. Bring it everywhere you go so that you won’t suffer from exhaustion and hunger as easily while saving yourself from feeling like crap after eating a huge meal because you THOUGHT you were hungry.

Tip5. Exercise like you were at home (Exercises that can all be done without a gym)

Just because you are away from your home and daily habits, doesn’t mean you have to throw away everything you are used to doing day in and day out. Make sure you exercise everyday in some shape or form, keeping that healthy mindset with you. The more you exercise the less likely you are to stray from your eating habits. Your brain associates the two. Why destroy all the hard work you just put in at the gym for a donut and bagel?

Tip 6. Keep a consistent sleep schedule (Late night eating myth discussion)

Sometimes the hardest part of business trips is keeping a sleeping schedule. If it isn’t the late-night work we have to do, it’s the entertaining of vendors and important clients. If you keep a consistent nighttime schedule however, all the above-mentioned topics become WAY easier. One trick is to set an alarm on your watch or phone for when you have to leave and go back to your room. You can even pretend it’s an important phone call and have to leave early. By doing this daily, you will set yourself up for success when it comes to the other unhealthy facets of your trip.

What To Order When In A Restaurant (Strategies for eating out)

  • Japanese- Stick to the sushi. Sushi is actually pretty good for as long as it’s not fried or covered in fatty sauces.
  • Mediterranean-  Order a platter with salad, kalamata olives, hummus, etc. It’s light.
  • American- Stick to one lean protein (salmon or other fish, chicken, turkey, mushrooms) grilled or baked. Avoid anything breaded or covered in a creamy sauce and have it with greens.

Hopefully, these tips helped anyone that was on a business trip or soon to be traveling. If you have any more questions about anything that was discussed please contact me.

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