Wellness 5 Benefits Of Exercise For Your Mental Health

Exercise benefits

If you want to start exercising on a regular basis, but still find excuses, here are 5 exercise benefits that could help you start now:

1. Happiness

Exercise releases endorphins. These are chemicals that create a feeling of happiness and lift your mood. As little as 30 minutes of exercises 2-3 times per week can help combat feelings of depression and anxiety.

2. Stress-busting

Stress can cause both mental and physical problems. Having a good workout and stretch can release tension in your muscles that may build up during the day. Especially for those who work in office environments and are seated at computers all day. Norepinephrine is a chemical in your brain that helps to reduce mental stress levels. Exercise is proven to increase the concentration of this in the brain and reduce your stress levels.

3. Brain Power

Cardio has been proven to increase brain cells and your ability at decision making and learning new skills. Not only this it has been proven to help increase memory in adults and your ability to retain information. As we get older this is very important to help prevent cognitive decline.

4. Self Esteem

Taking things outside of the brain. Improving your body image to what YOU deem to be the best version of you, does wonder for your self-confidence and mental health. Feeling great about yourself is so important and shines out of someone. If you can’t love yourself then how the hell is you going to love someone else, said someone, once.

5. Dopamine

Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that is associated with pleasure. This is released when we enjoy something and can be highly addictive (thrill seekers). If you have any sort of addiction whether that be food, cigarettes, drink or drugs. Another of the exercise benefits would be to help replace dopamine release and take you away from any harmful activities. It’s also a great distraction from day to day stress and helps keep you on the right path in life.

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