Exercise 4 Tips to Growing Your Glutes

Growing Your Glutes

4 Tips to Growing Your Glutes

We all want a nice booty. But here’s how I really made it bigger and stronger. Follow these tips:

1. Add more strength training into your routine

Cardio is good to burn fat because it allows you to get into a calorie deficit and therefore will help you burn energy and fat.

However whilst cardio is an excellent way of enhancing your cardiovascular system and increasing your oxygen levels, it will not help you build muscle and make your glutes bigger.

Strength-based exercises (targetting the glutes) on the other hand will certainly help with this, tearing more muscle fibres and helping grow your glutes.

2. Add more reps and more weight every week

By doing exercise with the same amount of weight on your shoulder or with the same type or level of resistance you’ll see results but they will start stagnating at some point as the body gets used to it – you need to ‘shock’ your body and add more resistance to be able to make your muscles work more and thus grow more! So add a couple of kilos every week or every other week when you’re doing your squats or lunges for example.

3. Perform the exercises slowly

The key is that slowering down the exercises never let the muscles rest. This forces the muscle to work constantly throughout each repetition. The muscles are worked beyond the shaky phase all the way to the point of failure, therefore the muscle works longer and the muscle fibers are engaged for a longer period of time.

Slow lifts can build muscle much faster than regular lifts can. This happens because lifting slowly forces your muscles to hold the weight longer.

4. Eat more (healthy) calories

Well yeah. If you want booty gains and therefore muscle mass you cant expect your glutes to grow if you’re in a caloric définit. You can tone your glutes by doing weight-based exercises but in order for them to seriously GROW you need to upper your calorie intake ( not eating like a pig, ok !) and add more protein into your diet.

For example, add a protein-laden meal not long after your workout (like from 30 min to 2h after your workout) and this will definitely help!

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