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28-days challenge

Take this 28-Days Challenge to build new healthy habits!

My philosophy is grounded in acting and taking the initiative when experiencing positive emotions. It doesn’t always have to be urgent. However, we do not want to let much time pass if the idea is had.

It’s KEY to remember that the best time to act is during a positive emotional state when the picture is hot and the emotion strong.

You may often think, I would love to achieve a healthier lifestyle. If you feel strongly about that, the answer is ACT NOW. ACT Immediately!

When we have those strong emotions, we need to ACT. No matter how simple the Action may seem. Take a walk and make that salad! Then again, the following day, take a walk and eat the second salad! Write your commitment down before the feeling passes and the motivation diminishes.

**Important Note** Action Immediately, Action As Soon As Possible, Action Right Now!

When we neglect to act, here is what happens.

It’s called the doom loop or otherwise known as the law of diminishing intent.

We intended to when the idea came. We planned to when the emotion was high. But instead, I got busy and did not translate that feeling into action fast enough. As we know, emotions fade, and suddenly the goal feels unrealistic, maybe even silly and unachievable. The solution, ACT! The next thing I would like to share is what took me nearly a decade to figure out, and it’s a vital part of feeling accomplished during this 28-Days Challenge.

The KEY knows every new discipline affects the rest, good or bad.

When you joined this program, I assume you may have felt a need for change, a revitalized next step or a new set of disciplines to be challenged by. Simply setting a goal and making a move puts you in the top 10% of action takers. Sure, it’s one small step, but the organic actions to follow are where the magic happens!

I’m sure this process will consist of emptying the junk food from your fridge and cupboards, purchasing a crisp new journal, and starting that new book! You also are surrounding yourself with individuals that want you to win! And I hope that inspires you to take a walk, which will inspire you to eat the salad, drink the filtered water, get up early and challenge yourself physically every day!

The goal is to diminish the lack to make room for the new.

And you have already started to build your momentum, self-esteem is growing, and a new set of disciplines is developing.

Let’s use the next 28-days to build our new disciplines and reverse any previous habits that longer serve us. Let’scommit to no longer allowing ideas, thoughts or dreams to go stale, cold or disappear into the abyss again. Before the 28-days are up, you will start to feel the positive returns from the simple decision you made to join this program, and the early returns will have you so excited!

I know we can all commit to our new habits’s make them stick as we strike while the emotions are high.

 Morgan Decksheimer

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