Jane Dwyer

San Jose, United States

Jane Dwyer

San Jose, United States

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Staying Fit During Holidays

2 Dec 2020

The key to staying fit during the holidays is not as hard as most people think. Below are the foundations for success: Stay hydrated – Drink plenty of water. When it gets colder we tend to struggle with our water intake which can lead to overeating. Sleep – Make sure you stay as consistent as […]

Weight or Wait?

16 Nov 2020

Most people are on a perpetual wheel of weight loss. They wait to start a program after a holiday or a weekend of debauchery. Seems like there is always a new starting point, why? Most have never set clear and concise objectives. Weight loss target weekly Have a professionally designed program Meal plan and strategy […]

How to Create Healthy Habits

2 Nov 2020

Creating healthy habits is the key to long term results. Why do so many people struggle with gaining traction? Most haven’t set a clear concise goal. For example, just saying a blanket statement like, “I want to lose weight” isn’t enough. Why do you want to lose weight? Sacrifice, what are you willing to sacrifice? […]

What Makes a Successful Trainer?

2 Nov 2020

There are numerous things that make a personal trainer stand out. For the sake of this article, I will pick a few key things that the best do better than everyone else: They are, “Active Listeners!” Most trainers fail to realize they were blessed with two ears and one mouth for a reason. Always listen […]

Fitness and Politics

27 Oct 2020

This is a topic that we should all be concerned about. With the upcoming Presidential election right around the corner, fitness should be a topic of discussion and focus. It is a huge driver for the following: Economy- fitness provides jobs and taxes Small businesses- depend on the fitness industry for personal training and group […]

Fitness & Health Concerns as You Age

20 Oct 2020

I realize this pandemic has shaken people to the core. With cold and flu season upon us as well, there are some definite concerns for immunity defense. Let’s look at some immunity building exercises that anyone with health concerns can perform: Walk, you can wear a mask and stay away from crowds. The fresh air […]

Fastest Way to a Tone Midsection

20 Oct 2020

Let’s face it, this is the one area that most people want to tone. Losing inches in your midsection is important to not only looking better esthetically but being healthier. Those that retain more inches in their midsection are at higher risk of the following health-related issues: Diabetes Heart disease High Cholesterol Fatigue syndrome Back […]

How Fitness Changed Post Covid-19

20 Oct 2020

Being physically fit has never been more important. Statistics clearly show that those who are obese are at greater risk. So why are gyms being punished? Let’s logically look at why. There was a fear that the disease would spread due to high contact areas. Case in point gym equipment and apparatus. Let’s be clear […]

Keys to a Quality Workout Program

20 Oct 2020

First, let’s clarify there are numerous different methods and programs for getting fit and staying fit. Most programs make claims of success but fail to captivate the consumer long term. There is a ton of content to sift through on the internet and social media. Also, there seems to be a get quick method for […]

Staying Active Amid a Pandemic

14 Oct 2020

The importance of regular and sustained physical activity has never been more important. If COVID-19 has taught us anything it is that health and fitness is not a luxury but a necessity. Far too many people are, “at higher risk” due to constant inactivity and poor diet. Obesity is not just about esthetics anymore it […]