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Follow this protocol to get stronger!

From early 2020 all the way through the spring of 2021 my workout intensity and consistency was lacking. Between our first son being born, moving states, changing jobs, and a pandemic, I was struggling to make any progress in the gym. I had stopped following any program and just worked out when I could. I was doing random workouts and exercises while not really trying to improve on anything. 

And then we bought a house and started building our home gym & everything changed.

My goals were to get stronger and as athletic as possible.

I could have just purchased a program from any popular trainer I could find online and seen progress, but I wanted something of my own that I could also share with others.

So I created The Strong Human program to focus on improving these qualities. 

And man, did it work & work quickly.

Hitting PR’s & Throwing Down Dunks

I quickly improved my bench press, back squat, and hex bar deadlifts by 20 pounds each in 6 weeks. And by 30-40 pounds in 12 weeks. Plus I started to be able to dunk consistently, which I was never able to do.

Here is the exact protocol I used. I call it the 345 Protocol and it is super simple to follow.

You’ll need to know your 1 rep max or at least have an estimate of how much that is for the exercise you are using the protocol with. 

Week 1 & 2 you’ll do 3 sets of 3 reps with about 2 minutes rest while working at 85-90% of your 1RM. If you haven’t been lifting heavy or you haven’t been doing an exercise you’re going to focus on, then you’ll want to work at 85-87% for the first week or two to get comfortable with the movement. If you’ve been lifting and are comfortable with the lift start at 87-90% of your 1RM.

Then, week 3 & 4 you’ll increase to 4 sets of 4 with 2-3 minute rest periods and continue to work at 87-90%. If you’re feeling strong, you’ll want to increase by 5-10 pounds or you can stay at the same weight you started with if the 3X3 was difficult.

Week 5 & 6 you’ll do 5 sets of 5 with 2-3 minute rest periods while staying or potentially increasing your weight again, but still staying around 87-90% of your 1RM from when you started the program.

Exercises I’ve done this exact protocol with and seen great results include:
1.Barbell Bench Press
2.Barbell Strict Press
3.Barbell Back Squat
4.Barbell Box Squat
5.Hex Bar Deadlifts
6.Barbell Sumo Deadlift

If you want to get stronger, build muscle, and get more athletic you can purchase the exact 345 Protocol program I did here.

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