Exercise Lifting Weights Will Not Make You Bulky

Ladies, stop thinking that lifting heavy weights is going to make you look manly. First of all, you do not have enough natural testosterone to bulk up accidentally overnight. This takes years of consistency, heavy hard workouts, and a really strict diet.

To the contrary, lifting heavy weights can help you slim down.

By increasing your muscle mass, you will decrease your fat mass. Your metabolism goes up and you can burn calories more efficiently. You will be able to eat more calories without gaining weight. And you will increase your strength making you stronger without having the bulky muscle look.

Lifting weights actually makes your bones stronger too.

Not only does it make them stronger, but it also increases your bone size in general. This is very helpful in the prevention of breaking a bone and it lessens the possibility of falling mishaps when you get older. You will not have to be concerned about being a burden on your kids when you become elderly if you keep up the habit of lifting. And your quality of life will improve at any and every age when you are fit and healthy.

It is also important to understand that age does not matter when considering your muscle growth. You are capable of growing your muscle at any age. It might take a little longer for some than for others for a variety of reasons but is possible for anyone. Increasing your strength will improve your mood, energy and help you sleep better. It decreases your risk of injury when you do it correctly, and it decreases injury in general with everyday life.

In conclusion, bulking should be the least of your worries when it comes to lifting weights and working out. Focus on how it makes you feel on the inside and enjoy how it makes you look on the outside.

Happy lifting, ladies!

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Lifting heavy helped me slim down not bulk up.

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