Nutrition Dieting: Why it Doesn’t Work!

healthy eating

Many of my clients on the first assessment ask me what diet would I recommend and I will always give them same answer – I HATE THE WORD DIET!

I prefer to use term healthy eating and what is the difference? Each of these famous “diets” has a beginning and ending, so they are time framed which means there are three stages. First, we decide “okay, I need a diet,” then we start with it for week or two, and at the end, we get bored and stop. One more thing is that every diet limits us with some nutrients and vitamins so even if we lose weight, we lose muscles because we are calorie restricted and body lacks the fat and uses muscles like a source of energy. After diet, when you lose some weight, you look sick because it’s not a healthy way of dropping weight on the scale.

Healthy eating is an option for life, we just need to know what is good for our body and what is not.

We need macronutrients like protein and carbs. We ALSO need micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. One more vital thing is to choose food with low GI, which means it doesn’t  raise insulin levels when eaten.

I can write and talk about this subject for days, but the conclusion is we are not robots, and we have to enjoy life. I like junk food and cakes also. An important thing is to be at least 80% good during week, and when in gym, push hardest so that you have 20% to enjoy small cheats that won’t harm you 😉

Until next time, Bojan


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