Exercise 6 Reasons Why You Should Add Strength Training to Your Golf Game

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6 Reasons Why You Should Add Strength Training to Your Golf Game

Strength Training for Golf is nothing new. It only takes a quick look into the archives of golfing history to find pictures of Gary Player putting in the hours with a Barbell on his back when he was at his peak. But just as the equipment technology has moved on since those days, so has the training science involved in Golf Specific Fitness Programming.

More recently we’re finding the envelope being pushed by the likes of Brooks Koepka and possibly most notoriously by Bryson DeChambeau. The latter has reportedly piled on an incredible 30+ lbs of mass, most of which is in the form of muscle, within a relatively short period of time during the Covid enforced PGA lockdown period of 2020.

But what does that mean for club golfers like you and I, does it really matter?

Well in short, yes! of course, it does.

Here’s why strength training for golf players is important:

Injury Prevention

A stronger body has much more able to withstand the forces created in the golf swing. Fewer injuries mean more golf.

These guys believe it or not are extreme athletes. They have to be as they are extreme Golfers in comparison to you and I. The clubhead speeds and physical contortions they produce throughout their bodies are incredible. That would place untold pressures on anything other than a solid muscular-skeletal structure. In short, they simply must be strong to produce and withstand the aggressive and consistent assaults on their bodies of their amazing Golf swings.

Don’t forget, we only watch a minute percentage of those swings in awe on TV.  Add into that the hours of practice that go into their craft behind closed doors and we’re talking a serious amount of stress that would more than likely break us, mere mortals!

For most golfers, this is still all relevant, though we do less golf swing repetitions those contortions are more than likely a little misplaced throughout each and every hack we take at the ball meaning we are more at risk to injuries in the lower back, hips, and shoulders. If our frame is predisposed to injury or weak in muscle structure then the risk of injury is infinitely higher.

Increased Distance

The constant pursuit of distance is a fact of golfing life, we all love to take out the big stick and boom it so far that we can look back at our playing partners when playing our second shot with a wry smile. 

By increasing the body’s strength we push our Force/Velocity Curve upwards allowing us to generate much more power and subsequent distance. In short, the stronger we are the more force we can generate and apply to the golf swing. However, It’s not all about the brute strength generated to deliver the distance. We also need to be strong throughout the whole body and in particular the core muscles if we are to harness and channel that newfound power, failure to do so will result in a loss of directional control. FORRRE RIIIGHT!!

Improved Accuracy

Sounds ridiculous right?! But following on from the above it is entirely plausible to say that if you’re not physically strong, fit and healthy then you cannot control the clubhead in those all-important positions the way your Pro keeps telling you.

Improved Golf Posture

With less muscular weakness and the imbalance, you are almost certain to display a better physical posture as you are able to withstand external pressures placed upon the body on a daily basis. This is both evident in the Golf set-up, swing, and in everyday activities throughout your life.

Particular muscular imbalances related to posture can be fully remedied with correctly selected strengthening exercises as part of a properly focused corrective exercise program and can take up no more than 15 minutes of your day to correct.

Typical postural ailments are directly related to sedentary employment and lifestyle such as desk jobs, the commonplace use of computers, tablets, mobile devices, and a poor driving position.

No More Back 9 Melt Downs*

Feeling physically fit and strong is as much of a mindset game changer as it is a physical attribute. By being physically fitter and stronger you decrease the likelihood of that back 9 meltdowns in the monthly medal. This is not a technical golf game meltdown per-se but rather a mental unraveling brought on by physical fatigue.

Poor decision making, shot selection, swing mechanics, and all-round focus become hazed as your body switches its attention to actually making it back to the clubhouse in one piece. Check your last 5 scorecards, have you finished strong? Or are you the “I started really well but…” guy?!

*Rip It Golf Performance accepts no responsibility for your back down meltdowns!

Your everyday Health and Wellbeing

There is more to life than golf. But your life and that of your nearest and dearest is better when you play better golf!

In all seriousness by committing to a stronger healthier version of you on the golf course you are predisposing yourself to numerous health benefits in your everyday life. A fitter, stronger you will see the following example benefits:

  • Improved ability to complete everyday activities
  • Stronger for longer into your Autumn years
  • Improved ability to manage excess body weight
  • Improved bone density
  • Better joint function and mobility
  • Better sleep quality
  • Improved mental function

For more information or to have a deep dive into your particular lifestyle and changes you can make for the benefits of your golf please feel free to contact me at any time.

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