Exercise 4 Reasons Why Workout Is Amazing!

workout advantages

“Workouts should only be done by athletes”

I think there are still a lot of people like that. You should be changing your mind!! Workout will help us solve all the problems we have now!!

I will introduce you “4 Advantages of doing a workout”.
1. Weight Control

“I’m gaining weight, so I have to restrict my diet…” Let’s train first before limiting your diet!

Moving your body prevents you from gaining weight, and instead of keeping your current weight, it will help you lose fat. Also, if you do more intense training, you will burn more calories!

In particular, by working out with weights and increase muscle mass, “Noradrenaline (hormone)” is made in the body, and body fat burns easily (it is a phenomenon that does not occur in aerobic exercise).

I don’t say “You must train for more than an hour a day”, if you can do 15 to 30 minutes of daily training with light weights a day, you can control your weight!!

2. Reduce the Risk of Disease

A lot of people are worried about “I don’t want to get sick” or “I’m afraid of becoming a grandma or grandpa in the future and getting cancer”, right? Moving your body helps a lot of health risks like Cardiovascular Disease (Heart Disease, Stroke, etc.) that occurs due to high blood pressure and excess body fat.

It is known that workout increase high concentrations of good cholesterol (High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL)) and reduce bad triglycerides for the body. It smooths the flow of blood vessels and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases!!

3. Improve the Mood

Have you been working well lately? Aren’t you stressed?

If you exercise in the gym, you can stimulate various brain substances, feel happier, relax more, and reduce anxiety! It is often said that “The Secretion of Serotonin” Serotonin is said to be happiness hormone, but you can not only feel happy, but also control your emotions and stay mentally relaxed!!

In addition, when you train, you can increase your “Testosterone Secretion” and help you mentally stronger. Testosterone is the best brain substance that not only increases muscle size and strengthens the bones, but also increase concentration and makes you feel positive.

Why don’t you workout and feel good every day?

4. Improve Muscle and Bone Strength

Our body is protected by bones, tendons and muscles, and there are essential tool to move the body smoothly. In addition, you can prevent injuries and diseases by keeping your bones, tendons and muscles healthy.

Workouts increase muscles by lifting weights and barbells, and also increase or maintain muscle strength. Especially as you get older, muscle strength and bone marrow density become weaker, and you will have injuries and inconveniences such as falls and fractures, so workout will be more important.

It’s okay to take your time, so you can definitely increase the weight and reps to keep your health in your body, and you won’t feel uncomfortable and get injured. Let’s keep healthy while having fun!!

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