Tyler Mercier

Wilson, United States of America

Tyler Mercier

Wilson, United States of America

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Tempo Based Training Program for Athletic Development

9 Sep 2021

Typically when it comes to training athletes my training protocols use some form of triphasic methods. This is inspired by Cal Dietz mainly, but I have also developed and worked on some of these systems myself through trial and error over the last five years. No program is perfect and each program you make should […]

Is Your Workout Consistency Holding You Back?

18 Aug 2021

The best workout plan fails without consistency.  The best diet fails without consistency. Workout consistency leads to consistent results regardless of the quality of your plan When it comes to following a strength training routine, that doesn’t mean doing it every day. It means getting in at least 3 workouts every single week for months or […]

Why You’re Not Seeing Long Term Progress

8 Aug 2021

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You haven’t worked out in a while or not consistently at least. You see a friend or family member has been exercising and seeing results. Their trainer decides to runs some sort of “6 week challenge” or “Fit in five” type of program. You sign up. You see awesome […]

Percentage Based Strength Training

3 Aug 2021

Have you been stuck in a plateau when it comes to strength gaining? This simple and easy-to-implement method could be the key to unlocking additional strength gains. Percentage based strength training makes things simple and allows you to practice progressive overload. To start you’ll need to find your 1 rep max. You can do this […]