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The Importance of Resistance Training on a Fat Lost Phase

1 Jun 2022

Fat loss is something that is very prevalent in our society, especially in North America. The place where eating junk is the norm and eating what is considered normal everywhere else in the world, is considered eating “healthy”. Even though fat loss is something that a lot of people are looking for, and talk about […]

Resistance Training for Adults

30 May 2022

On today’s episode, we are going to talk about the importance of resistance training for adults.  “Why resistance training and not just training?” Well, if you ask any person that would like to start training or be physically active and does not have much knowledge about fitness. They would immediately tell you that they are […]

Cardio or Weights? Which One Should I, First?

23 May 2022

Cardio or weights? Which one should I start with? The answer is: it depends. I love starting with “it depends”. I know it pisses people off because they are looking for the straight answer. But as I always mention, in fitness and nutrition for the most part, there are not straight answers and a lot […]

The Best Form of Cardio Workout

7 Feb 2022

Is it HIIT (High intensity, interval training)? Is it LISS (Low Intensity, Steady State)? Well, the answer is… It depends! I know that is not the answer that you were looking for or what you were expecting, but that is how it works. You see, when it comes to fitness and nutrition, a lot of […]

Ways to Maximize Your Fasted Training!

5 Feb 2022

Before I start, I want to clarify that training fasted is not the most optimal form of training, not even fasted cardio. Yes, I said it: NOT EVEN FASTED CARDIO! NOT EVEN FASTED CARDIO! Why not? That’s a topic for another day! Now that I let that out, let’s get this party started. Even though […]

The Myths Behind Eating After 6pm

2 Feb 2022

Do not eat after 6pm! Eating after 6pm will lead to weight gain!! If you want results you must eat before 6pm!!!!! If your Dr, Nutritionist, Trainer, or anyone tells you this, run away from them, they may still believe that the earth is flat. For some bizarre reason, there is this theory that people […]

Lifting Heavy Will Not Make You Bulky

2 Feb 2022

It is 2022, 21st century and there are people that still believe that lifting heavy weights, makes you bulky, and lifting light, doing a gazillion reps, will make you look tone…. As I have mentioned before, the body is way more complicated than that. That was a myth created by 80s’ magazines that have been […]

“I Count Calories, But I Can’t Lose Weight”

2 Feb 2022

I have heard this a lot, have seen this a lot, and a lot of “fit fluencers” use this statement to downplay the benefits of calorie counting and push their BS product that the only thing it will do, is make you lose… money! Calorie counting is an extremely beneficial method if you are planning […]

The Importance of Eating Right Vs Eating Healthy

6 Jan 2021

In my previous post, “You are eating healthy, but are you eating what your body needs?”. I mentioned something called Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and how important it is in order to achieve the body that you desire. I know you went ahead and did the math, didn’t you? And I bet you were surprised […]

You Are Eating Healthy, but Are You Eating What Your Body Needs?

21 Sep 2020

We often think that “eating healthy” is the key to losing weight. When we get to those last 2-4 pounds though, eating healthy seems not enough. I’m here to tell you why that is. I will start by breaking down and establishing two main differences between eating healthy and eating right, rather than just using […]