Vicki Morgan

Franklin, United States

Vicki Morgan

Franklin, United States

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Gut Health: Having The “Guts” to Get Fit (PART TWO)

26 Mar 2019

In part one of this article, I talked about the importance of gut health, which is vastly different than having a “fit” exterior. In other words, you may have nice muscle definition and low body fat, but overall health begins on the inside. Case in point … a person struggling with a folate deficiency may […]

Gut Health – Having The “Guts” to Get Fit (PART ONE)

22 Mar 2019

NO GUTS, NO GLORY. No, this isn’t a pep talk about the courage to get in shape. This is a “pepsin” talk for people who, quite literally, don’t have the guts to get healthy. They have the courage, but not the guts. By guts, I mean intestinal fortitude, a clean colon, healthy liver and a […]

Plantar Fasciitis – A Real Pain in the Heel

26 Nov 2017

Find out everything you need to know about Plantar Fasciitis As we get older, getting out of bed in the morning can be a daunting task. Especially if you’re a lifter. Some of us can’t straighten up. We slide off and then slump over the bed, allowing for what appears to be a moment of […]

Bone Density and the Big Bad Wolff’s Law

10 Oct 2017

Bone Density: The Big Bad Wolf vs. Wolff’s Law – Who’s afraid of the Wolff? I’m not, and neither should you be. I’m referring to Wolff’s Law… hope and encouragement to those with osteoporosis, osteopenia and degenerating bone. Wolff’s Law stops the BAD wolf dead in his tracks, the wolf who tries to huff and […]

How to NOT Join a Gym – Part Two

30 Jun 2017

Still ready to join a gym? Great! Consider this article your protection against fraud and abuse. In my article, How to Not Join a Gym Part One, I exposed some of the tactics that gyms use to try and rope you into a contract.  Since then, readers have emailed me with their nightmare stories: Owner […]

Moobs, Love Handles & Other Challenges Men Face

30 Jun 2017

A regular client of mine struggles with love handles. His stomach looks and feels like a basketball. He also use to have “moobs”. I don’t particularly like the term. It stands for “man-boobs” which is an even worse term. The stigma attached to these unwelcome tenants is unfounded and hurtful… often leading to feelings of […]

How NOT to Join a Gym – Part One

7 Apr 2017

Ready to join a gym? READ THIS FIRST. It will save you a lot of money, time and hassle. First of all, congratulations on making up your mind to get healthier and stronger! Kudos for admitting that you can’t do it on your own, and need motivation and guidance from the experts. Grab your wallet […]

Central Nervous System: Easy Does It VS Boot Camp

9 Jan 2017

Train the Central Nervous System first! Easy Does It VS Boot Camp Do you know someone who won’t even go NEAR a gym because of a bad experience with a personal trainer?  I have an older client who courageously walked in to a gym for his first workout, trusting the wide-eyed rookie trainer with his […]

What Causes Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

9 Jan 2017

We all experienced muscle soreness. Here is how you can prevent it. PAIN IN THE NEW YEAR A New Year’s resolution is a dangerous thing, because it’s usually something you’ve waited too long to do. With a fitness-related resolution, now that you’ve made up your mind to do it, you’re probably going to hit it […]

Building Muscle Melts Fat

9 Jan 2017

Wondering how important building muscle is? MOVE IT / LOSE IT When my client Dave was around 60 years old, his doctor gave him a grim prognosis.  His blood pressure and diabetes were getting worse. His weight was increasing, as were his feelings of hopelessness. At 262 pounds, he wondered if he would ever be […]