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Camilla Dempster

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Benefits of Suspension Training Whilst Pregnant

4 May 2022

** Important note: Before beginning any exercise whilst pregnant consult with your Dr and/or midwife.  You must stop exercising and seek medical attention if any of the following occur; bleeding, painful contractions/cramps, difficulty breathing, dizziness, headache, chest pain, calf pain/swelling. Training during pregnancy is so important. If you were to have knee surgery planned for […]

The Truths of Diastasis Recti Divarication

21 Feb 2022

If you’re pregnant there is a 100% chance of a separation in the linea Alba. This is a connective tissue between the abdominal muscle rectus abdominus. This connective tissue HAS to stretch in 100% of pregnancies to accommodate the growing baby. There are things you can do during and after pregnancy to support your body […]

Returning to Running After Birth

6 Jan 2022

Are you feeling emotionally ready to begin running or training after pregnancy and birth? Do you know whether you’re physically ready?  Within this article, I will show you recognised tests to show whether you’re ready physically to return to running and other high-intensity exercise after birth. And how to get ready if you’re not quite there yet. […]

Pregnancy Training Considerations for the Third Trimester

5 Jan 2022

From 28 weeks onwards you are at the pinnacle of pregnancy. You’re an absolute queen and your body needs you now more than ever.  Training during your third trimester can assist with labor, reduce pain, improve posture and prepare your body for recovery after birth. This is never more important than during this trimester. The temptation is to […]

Pregnancy Training for the Second Trimester

15 Dec 2021

You’ve made it!! You’re past that groggy, nauseated and fatigue plagued first trimester.  Around about 12 weeks these ugly symptoms begin to dissipate and leave you feeling more full of energy and ready to get moving once again. This trimester is the most fun trimester to train within. Because of that energy and because, as […]

Pregnancy Training Considerations for 1st Trimester

6 Dec 2021

Well, big congratulations! Whether you’ve been trying for a long time, conceived naturally, or have been down an assisted conception route this time right now is yours. The first trimester is from 0-12 weeks and comes along with nausea, sickness, fatigue, and a whole heap of excitement. The great thing about the next nine months is the […]