Most "About" pages tell you (usually in 18,000 words or less) how awesome the trainer is, how much they know and everything they've learned since they were the star of a "My child was student of the hour" bumper sticker in 3rd grade. My guess is you don't give a damn about that. Here's what I do think you care about (or else you wouldn't be reading this): 1) You've got an exercise issue of some kind. ​​2) You haven't figured out how to solve it on your own. I've been there btw, it sucked. ​​3) You're looking for someone who is going to actively listen to what you want, then create the most effective plan to get you to your new "there." Sound familiar? The last 19 years have taught me I can confidently guess "yes." Your IPF experience is all about your goals and how you want to have fun arriving at your new fitness "here." My role? Create the plan to get you there and hopefully get you laughing as much as possible along the way. Hit the contact button and let's set up a time to get on a 15 min call to see how I can best help you with an online training program delivered to your phone!