Vanje Watson

Tiverton, Canada

Vanje Watson

Tiverton, Canada

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Re-framing Cheat Days as Treats Days

11 Mar 2024

In the realm of diet culture, the concept of a “cheat day” has long been ingrained in our minds as a way to indulge in forbidden foods guilt-free. Yet, this terminology carries a heavy burden of negativity, implying wrongdoing and fostering feelings of guilt and shame surrounding food choices. However, it’s time to shift our […]

Embracing the Power of Routines for a Balanced Life

3 Mar 2024

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, finding balance can seem like an elusive goal. However, I’ve come to realize that the key to maintaining balance lies in the establishment of thoughtful routines based on our priorities. The Paradox of Choice The modern world offers an abundance of choices, which can be both a […]

My Mental Health Journey as a Mom and Working Parent

16 Oct 2023

In honor of Mental Health Day, I wanted to share part of my story… Most of my life I have been a people pleaser. I  want to be strong for those around me. I  quickly learned that the expectation of perfection was high. Not from my parents, but from the world around me. So when […]

Are you Actually Ready for Change?

19 Jul 2023

When I begin to work with a new client, I can fairly quickly gauge whether or not he/she is going to last as a client. It becomes evident quickly if this person is willing and able to make changes or if they are still just liking the idea of change. Did you know there are […]

Mental Health & Self-Esteem

19 Jul 2023

If you struggle with mental health challenges or low self-esteem, making movement or nutrition changes rarely sounds appealing.   Low self-esteem? The last place you want to go to is a gym. Struggling with depression or anxiety? The thought of having the energy to make changes seems impossible. What many people forget to understand is […]

We Wear Busyness Like a Badge of Honour

8 May 2023

We wear busyness like a badge of honour. The term “burnout” is now a phrase we apply to far too many people.  The common response to the question, “ How are you today?” has now become, ”I am keeping busy,” or just “busy…” or “ tired.” Yet if someone were to respond with “ I […]

The All-or-Nothing Approach

17 Apr 2023

The majority of clients I get to work with struggle with the same underlying problem: the all-or-nothing approach. People are all in, or all out. They are willing to do all of the things for a short period of time but not ok to do some. This is why so often people do not start […]