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Hugo, United States of America

Jessica Duke

Hugo, United States of America

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Is Heart Rate Training Important?

1 Jun 2021

No, not really, heart rate training is overrated. Several years ago, when I worked at a certain Big Box gym, I sold heart rate zone testing.  This was a test that a participant could do with us on a bike or a treadmill, where they ride or walk/jog faster and faster with a mask on their […]

Cheat Days Are Important for Survival

2 Feb 2021

Should I have a cheat day? That depends on your current nutrition plan. If you are following the 80/20 rule (eat healthy 80% of the time and allow for not-so-healthy foods in your eating plan 20% of the time) then no, you don’t need a cheat day. Cheat days are for people who are being […]

If You Dream of Having a Thigh Gap, You Need to Find a New Dream

14 Oct 2020

If you dream of having a thigh gap, you need to find a new dream. In a Victoria’s Secret Fashion show back in 2012 several of the models had a gap between their inner thighs, even when their feet were together. For some reason, people noticed this and decided that this beauty standard was the […]

Should I Work Out if I’m Sick?

31 Aug 2020

So you finally find your stride with working out. You’re consistent, seeing progress, and finally starting to get excited about working out instead of that feeling of existential dread. Then BAM! You’re sick. You go to bed excited for your workout the next morning, and wake up feeling like you got hit with a Mack […]

You Are Flexible Enough To Do Yoga Right Now

11 Sep 2019

“I can’t do yoga, I’m not flexible at all.” This is the lie you repeat to yourself because somewhere along the way, you saw an advanced level yogi doing some crazy pose balancing on their hands while both legs were up over their head and at that point, you wrote off yoga as something that […]

Why You Should Banish Your Scale

23 May 2019

A long time ago, humans decided that everyone, but women in particular, should judge their worth by how much their body weighs. Weight, an arbitrary model depicting the strength of the attraction between any object and the Earth, was used to decide whether or not women were permitted to be flight attendants, it is still […]

How to Make Planks Effective and Safe

16 Apr 2019

Planks: The Lies and Conspiracies Every single one of my in-person clients gets a complimentary session. Most of these sessions go about the same way. I need to know how strong you are, so we do bicep curls. I need to know how your form looks when you do squats and lunges. And I need […]

Why Loving Your Body Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does

5 Feb 2019

We hear it everywhere these days. “Love your body. Love yourself. Self-acceptance.” And while I agree with this, I disagree with the lengths to which some people take it. Yes, you should absolutely love your body for what it is, for how it looks, and for what it does for you every single day. But […]

Two Reasons Why You Should Not Make New Year’s Resolutions

4 Feb 2019

“Why You Should Not Make New Year’s Resolutions?”  I know, that’s about the last thing you would expect a personal trainer to say, right? Stick with me here… We have made another revolution around the sun. Woot! That is about as arbitrary a starting point as any other. So this year, you have decided you […]