Eric Evans

Denver, United States

Eric Evans

Denver, United States

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  • Ski Season

    This is an 8-week cycle specifically designed to get you ready for ski season. The #1 reason we have athletes in the gym is to maximize INJURY PREVENTION. Everything else (starting with improving your skiing) is a close second. Weeks 1-4 is conditioning. Weeks 5-8 are dedicated to building muscle, building strength and improving your athleticism with plyometric drills. This 8-week periodization program will produce the most results in the least amount of time. Here are some results you can expect: IMPROVE YOUR OVERALL FITNESS - increase strength, improve flexibility / mobility, improve your physique (i.e., increasing muscle mass, lowering body fat, improving body composition). Progressive overloading will stimulate muscle growth, improve endurance, and enhance performance while minimizing the risk of injury. Prevent a plateau - by constantly changing the training variables such as intensity, volume, and exercise selection. Time your training so you achieve PEAK PERFORMANCE when we want it...during ski season. IMPROVE YOUR RECOVERY - between workouts, runs on the mountain, and days spent skiing. Yes, we will train your body to recover more efficiently. BUILD CONFIDENCE - you will be more confident when you are on your skis.

    $185.00 USD
    one time
  • The Jump Start

    This 12-week starter program is as complete as it gets. From FITNESS ASSEESSMENT to remeasuring, it is scientifically designed and proven to get you in better shape (fitness), improve your body composition, improve your flexibility, and get stronger. This program lasts for 12 weeks and includes: 4-week Anatomical Adaptation cycle / 4-week Hypertrophy cycle / 4-week Strength/HIIT cycle Fitness Assessments at the beginning and the end of the program All of your training workouts plus: BONUS: Conditioning / Flexibility training / Active recovery workouts / Nutritional guidance

    $999.00 USD
    one time


  • App Monthly Subscription

    This will give you access to the app which will include all of your workouts with the option of add-ons such as HABITS & GOALS and NUTRITION GUIDANCE

    $25.00 USD
    per month

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