Rachelle | Nutritional Mobility

Calgary, Canada

Rachelle | Nutritional Mobility

Calgary, Canada

Main Products

  • 1:1 Coaching PIF 6 Months (save 5%)

    6 Month will include - Weekly check-ins to review exercise videos, nutrition and lifestyle and any recommendations to move forward - Initial Nutritional Assessment: LAF forms completed and any additional questionnaires - Exercise Programming for 12 weeks, changed every 4 weeks - 15% off any supplements from Seroyal Non-renewal accounts will become inactive 72h after program ends.

    $2,565.00 CAD
    one time
  • 3 Week Beginner's Trial

    3 Weeks to get you started includes 2 full body workouts plus 2 optional workouts (1 cardio circuit, 1 stretch/active rest) Daily tasks to keep you going

    $51.45 CAD
    one time
  • 6 Week Nutrition Coaching

    6 Week Nutrition Coaching to improve your nutrition habits - Consultation: Body System Analysis ~ to determine the function of your overall health - Goal Setting ~ establish your vision of your higher self to create intrinsic motivation - Weekly check ins for accountability, discuss health markers, and goals to set your week up for success Great for individuals who want to improve: blood pressure, weight loss, weight gain, digestion, gut health,

    $525.00 CAD
    one time
  • Coaching for Coaches

    Mentoring for new coaches to put your skills into action. Become more confident in your programming, coaching, and yourself: practice what you preach. - 6 months of programming and education - Personalized Exercise Programming ~ learning proper technique and how to program better for your clients - Personalized Nutrition Coaching ~`feel how your body responds and how to adjust your macros to support your goals - 1 Weekly call to discuss exercise videos for feedback and health markers, goals setting (Practice what you preach) - 2nd weekly call for education (topics include but not limited to: assessments, nutrition, exercise programming, muscle action and function) ~ level up your coaching skills

    $670.00 CAD
    per month
  • Online 1:1

    Online Nutrition and Fitness - Weekly Calls to review your exercise videos for feedback: improve your technique and move safely - Nutrition guidance, recipes, lifestyle: improving your digestion and get the most out of your nutrition - Personalized fitness programming, changed every 4 weeks catered to your goals and skills - Build mindfulness practice and habits to improve your confidence

    $450.00 CAD
    per month
  • Virtual Coaching: Live/Online Personal Training

    - Get the perks of a Personal Trainer in your own space - 6 months of coaching - Programs customized to your fitness level and goals - Program changed every 4-6 weeks - Live/Online demo's and feedback on your exercises - Accountability - All on Zoom - 2 sessions/week + homework cardio recommendations - Nutrition guidance

    Every 4 weeks you will get 8 session credits for PT session (expire after 2 months)

    $760.00 CAD
    per 4 weeks


  • The Mobility Method

    Compliment your current training program, sport, hobby or use The Mobility Method as you start your health and fitness journey. This program is designed with your busy lifestyle in mind and is here to enhance your workouts, recovery, energy, recreational sports/activities, and daily tasks. Not only do you receive guided workouts but you will also get resources on: decreasing inflammation, meal prep, and recipes so you feel your best. You will be part of the group chat to help with accountability and monthly live zoom calls for you to ask questions, get feedback and connect with others.

    $60.00 CAD
    per 4 weeks

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