Silviya Stoyanova

Washington, United States

Silviya Stoyanova

Washington, United States

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  • 14-Days FREE COACHING Access

    PREMIUM 1:1 COACHING Try it for TWO weeks FREE Let's embark on this journey together, as we dive into a personalized training and nutrition plan tailored specifically to your body, lifestyle, and aspirations. With regular check-ins and unwavering accountability, online coaching experience will set you on a path to success! In this 1:1 coaching program, we extend far beyond short-term goals; we're in it for the long haul, fostering sustainable lifestyle changes that will leave a lasting impact. Remember, there's never a "perfect" time to start. Life is unfolding in this very moment, and together, we'll seize the opportunity to transform and thrive! Custom NUTRITIONAL PROGRAMMING Eat your favorite foods while dropping pounds.. Yup, it's possible! Increase energy and decrease stress! WHAT IS IT? * Custom WORKOUT PROGRAMMING Sculpt and improve physical abilities * 1:1 Monthly Video Call for SUSTAINABLE results and all in ACCOUNTABILITY approach * Custom SUPPLEMENTATION PROGRAMMING * Custom CARDIO PROGRAMMING and Adjustments * Weekly Accountability CHECK-ins Adjustments are made according to progress and feedback * 100% Individually Tailored Programs based on your Lifestyle, Needs, Current training ability and Specific Goal/s * Exercise demonstration videos Overcome Gym Fears * Exercise Technique Assessments & Reviews Improve lifting skills & movement quality * Personal log in to Making Fit Life® COACHING APP * Habits & Progress Tracker. Mental clarity & stress regulation * Video CHECK-IN RESPONSES to every Check-in & 24/7 support

  • Bundle Package - Training & Nutrition Plan

    Get your hands on fully customized training and nutrition protocols, personalized to match YOUR requirements, lifestyle, and above all – YOUR goals! This entails a distinctive nutrition plan crafted to align with your objectives, taking into account any allergies or dietary preferences you may have. Moreover, a tailored training program is developed to suit your body's unique needs. Following purchase, you'll be prompted to complete essential questionnaires, enabling the design of your personalized programs. Coach Silviya, Making Fit Life® Training & Nutrition

    $199.00 USD
    one time
  • Live Stream MFL® WORKOUT Classes

    How does the Membership work? Classes are LIVE-STREAMED every week Monday-Thursday at 6:30 am EST via Google Meets. Every workout includes: *Warm Up *Main Workout *Cool Down *10 minutes for Questions & Suggestions This Membership gives you UNLIMITED access to all monthly Classes. Make sure you join each Class a few minutes earlier so you are PREPARED! *Monthly payment of $99 renews automatically on the date of your Sign-Up each month. *You can pause or cancel your Membership at any time. *Your payment will remain active until canceled. * Streamed Classes are NOT recorded! Any sort or recording is absolutely FORBIDDEN! NOTE: Immediately after Sign-up, you will receive an email with further instructions, required for your registration and participation in Live Stream MFL® Classes! See you in Class! Silviya xx

    $99.00 USD
    per month
  • Personalized NUTRITION PROGRAM

    This Meal Plan offers a comprehensive breakdown of meals, covering everything from macros to calories, tailored to your specific dietary needs. Alongside, you'll receive a detailed Meal Plan Guide to support you in reaching your goals. Rest assured, I'll ensure this plan fits you perfectly - considering your body type, dietary preferences, and objectives. Upon purchase, you'll be prompted to fill out an information form, which will inform the creation of your personalized nutritional program. Coach Silviya, Making Fit Life® Training & Nutrition

    $129.00 USD
    one time
  • Personalized TRAINING PROGRAM

    Feeling lost at the gym? Unsure where to start or what to do? Losing motivation and feeling bored? Been working out for months with no results? Get your hands on this one-of-a-kind training program tailored to your goals! Training program, 100% individually tailored based on your lifestyle, needs, current training ability, and specific goals. After purchase, you'll receive an email with instructions and be prompted to fill out an information form. Coach Silviya, Making Fit Life® Training & Nutrition

    $99.00 USD
    one time

Session Packs


    / 60 min / one time

    Choosing a Single Session 60-minutes Live-Virtual Training is perfect if you are not sure either Live-Virtual training is the right path for you. It's a great way to try it out before committing. It is also a great opportunity for me to gather a better understanding of your body's availabilities and limitations in order to create the best program moving forward. If you are fully ready and committed to starting your Personal Training Journey, Choose 5 to 20 Sessions Package for one-time purchase. * Sessions can be used at any time within the expiration period. Note: Once you purchase your Sessions, you will receive an email with further instructions. You will be prompt to Fill up a quick Information Form. You will also be provided with a Calendar Availability where you can Schedule your first Training Session. See you Soon! Silviya, Making Fit Life®

    5 Sessions

    Expire after 1 month
    $450.00 USD
    $90.00 / session

    10 Sessions

    Expire after 2 months
    $850.00 USD
    $85.00 / session

    15 Sessions

    Expire after 3 months
    $1,200.00 USD
    $80.00 / session

    20 Sessions

    Expire after 4 months
    $1,500.00 USD
    $75.00 / session

    1 Session

    Expire after 1 week
    $95.00 USD
    $95.00 / session

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