Work closely with me, follow your unique Training Plan and Meal Plan/Nutrition Advice designed based on your body, lifestyle and specific goals. Access it anytime through my Coaching app. Accountability and weekly Check-ins are all components of successful ONLINE COACHING! Keep in mind this is NOT A RANDOM TRAINING PLAN you download online. I will be your coach 24/7 and if an obstacle comes your way, I am here for YOU and my job is to help you OVERCOME it. THE BIGGEST GOAL in your 1:1 Coaching Program with me is the LONG TERM change. Where even after our time working together, you are strong and so very CONFIDENT in your body and ability to approach and overcome any obstacles that come your way. Regardless if it comes to food, exercises or Life in General. You will have all tools in place, healthy habits, and a Lifestyle that will enable you to sustain every little progress you make for the rest of your LIFE. The perfect time will never come. LIFE IS HAPPENING NOW!