Sheneider Orelus

Orlando, United States

Sheneider Orelus

Orlando, United States

Main Products

  • 21 Day HITT Burner Challenge (Weight Loss/Toning)

    If you're looking to make a change in your health and fitness, Our 21 Day HITT Burner Challenge is all about giving you the necessary push needed to achieve your fitness goal, designed to burn fat and boost metabolism. Our 10-week program features three distinct levels of workouts and meal plans to challenge and inspire you. With accountability, intensity, and easy-to-understand demonstrations, taking the guesswork out of developing a workout and nutrition plan for you. all you have to do is focus on what matters – getting results. HERES WHAT'S INCLUDED: -Access to 21 days of easy to follow Fat Burning/ Muscle Toning workouts via our ONLINE TRAINING APP (workouts can be done at the gym, at the park or at home depending on where is best for you). -Workout Flexibly, these workouts are thoughtfully made to guarantee commitment and results and is made for trainees of all levels. -21 Days of easy to follow meal planning and nutritional tips. -Regular email support, motivation, and nutrition coaching -Workout Accountability and weekly Check-ins -Instruction on how to take before and after measurements/pictures in order to track your progress -New recipes and workout ideas throughout the 21 Days to keep you motivated and prevent plateaus AND THE BEST THING OF ALL: -CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF -Increase knowledge on Personal training and nutrition -Weight Loss and increase in energy -Forming healthy life habits to help add a few more years to your life Get fit, Get healthy, Stay in shape, It's time! YOU WILL HAVE LEARNED THE FUNDAMENTALS OF PROPER TRAINING AND NUTRITION TO SET YOU ON THE RIGHT PATH TOWARDS A HEALTHIER AND MORE CONFIDENT YOU.

    $49.00 USD
    one time
  • SoFit Virtual Personal Training (Live 1on1 Sessions)

    Every month you will get 10 session credits for SoFit PT Session (Plan) (expire after 6 months)

    $350.00 USD
    per month

Session Packs

  • SoFit Personal Training Package (Hybrid)

    / 45 min / one time

    Make it a Commitment, and take the first step in accomplishing your Fitness Goals today!

    12 Sessions

    Do not expire
    $480.00 USD
    $40.00 / session

    8 Sessions

    Do not expire
    $350.00 USD
    $43.75 / session

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