Take control of your health and body with the proper support, guidance, and strategies to help you see results and keep them Hi, I'm Sheneider Orelus, Fitness Coach and Owner of SoFit Training & Nutrition. With over 6 years of combined experience, I specialize in strength, performance, and overall health and energy level for all my clients because the best way to achieve any goal whether weight loss, muscle gain, or athletic training is to develop a strong fundamental and solid routine to achieve and maintain your health and fitness goals while staying motivated, accountable, and on track. We focus on providing Results, not promises: ✔Set, Reach, and Maintain your Fitness Goals. ✔ Fit Around Your Busy Schedule. ✔Improve Health & Daily Energy Levels. ✔Nutritional Guidance and Support. *In-Person Personal Training is only available in Orlando FL. All other States and regions will be Fully Remote Personal Training. Start Your Training Today!✅