chelsey rose health specializes in personal and online training in Los Angeles.

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  • 1 Month Body Weight Program

    This is a 4 week program that is designed for girls who need an extra boost, don't have equipment or who are just getting started with working out again!

    one time

    This program has been designed for women who have a booty band + 5 and 10 pound weights at home. You have 4 strength training days, 1 run day, 1 booty circuit day and 2 days where you need to hit 10K steps. This program targets all the right areas and keeps you moving throughout the week.

    one time

    This is for the girl who just wants great workouts constantly ready to go and scheduled. WHAT'S INCLUDED: + 3 Main Workouts per week (options for bodyweight or weighted are both included) + 2 Banded Booty Workouts per week + 1 Cardio Day per week + Videos for each exercise so you always know exactly what to do. + Access to your own profile where you can track your stats, PR's, volume, weight and more. + Ability to upload weekly progress photos. + Access to new MEMBERS ONLY instagram @ROSELAND_X + Support from the CRH community! Cancel anytime.

    per month

    Once you sign up for the monthly personalized training program, you will be asked to fill out a consultation form. As soon as that is filled out, someone from the Chelsey Rose Health training team will reach out to you with any additional questions they find necessary to ask you in order to begin working on YOUR PLAN! Questions typically include // What EXACT weights do you have at home, do you currently have any injuries you are concerned about, have you done strength training before etc. Within 24 hours of having these questions answered, you will be able to open your calendar to a workout program that is specifically designed for you!! Your trainer will talk with you and check in with you throughout your entire program to make sure you're loving your workouts. You will be able to track your nutrition and progress photos within the app and you will always be able to reach out to someone on our team if you need adjustments in your plan. PLAN INCLUDES 4 strength training days a week + 2 cardio days.

    per month

    + This one week trial includes 7 at home workouts WITHOUT equipment. + It has 2 light cardio days scheduled as well as one more advanced cardio day so that you can get in 7 days of movement without any equipment. + This gives you the chance to explore the app and see if you find the workouts useful.

    one time

    Chelsey wants to nail down her workout schedule before the holiday's and invites you to join her! It's a great way to hold each other accountable, finish 2020 as strong as possible, and reduce the amount of time we spend thinking about what the hell to do for our workouts of the day. - This 6 week plan includes 4 WEIGHT LEVELS to choose from so that regardless of what weight you have at home, you have a plan that makes sense for you. All of these levels can be found on your calendar. You will simply pick your workout of the day depending on which level you pick. Have a variety of weights? Feel free to do a heavy workout one day followed by a lighter day. LEVEL 1 - BODYWEIGHT LEVEL 2 - LIGHT WEIGHT (5-10LB DUMBBELLS/KB'S) LEVEL 3 - MEDIUM WEIGHT (15-25LB DUMBBELLS/KB'S) LEVEL 4 - 30LB DUMBBELLS/KETTLEBELLS Regardless of what level you're in, we will all do lower body, full body, HIIT, upper body and outdoor workouts on the same days. 3 days out of the week, Chelsey or another CRH trainer will lead a bodyweight, light weight, or heavy weight workout on zoom. Zooms allow you to get one on one personal feedback on correct form, activation tips and progressions/regressions if necessary. If you're ready to push yourself and limit your excuses, then sign on up and join us girl!! We're moving 7 days a week. Let's go!

    one time

    This bundle is for the woman who is ready for one on one guidance and support from both a professional personal trainer and the best registered dietitian. WHAT YOU GET IN TRAINING: - 1:1 online personal training - Training is customized to you, your goals, experience, injuries, availability, and available equipment. - Includes any changes necessary to help you succeed whether it's sudden loss of access to equipment, delivery of new equipment, or need for vaca workouts. - Receive access to the app where all workouts will be scheduled with video explanations of each exercise, in app timer, option to upload progress pictures, connect MyFitnessPal, and receive and track data of workouts preformed and records set. - Includes access to one Zoom workout per week with Chelsey + 1 educational meet up per week. WHAT YOU GET IN NUTRITION: - 1:1 weekly nutrition coaching - Accountability texts from Sara - Sense of community with virtual workshops. - Learn how to optimize your nutrition for your training and specific goals including your hydration needs all with a no-nonsense anti-diet approach. - Learn the tools to help you make lasting changes long after the four weeks are over!

    one time



    - Kick off your program with a 1 hour, one-on-one zoom nutritional consultation between you and your trainer! Go over what has worked for you in the past, how to stop bloating, how long meals should last, personalized macro breakdown, how to enjoy cheat meals + more!

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