Chaos Coaching specializes in personal, small group and online training. Train with our revolutionary online training app. Our experienced trainers come from a variety of backgrounds with different specializations and will customize your unique workouts, which you can access online or through your smartphone. We are not just more online coaches looking to sell a pre written program and make money. We offer a 100% individualized plan based on your goals and how much time you can commit to training. Don't keep putting off the changes you want to make! START NOW!!

Main Products

  • 6 Week Online Coaching - TPPT

    £80.00 GBP
    one time
  • Online Only

    Online programming and coaching with support via in app messaging. Start your fitness journey with us now! Whatever your goals we will help you along your journey. Individual macro nutrient breakdown and calorie consumption, with weekly nutrition and program check in to help keep you on track and offer support/feedback on your current habits. Customised training calendar program is adjusted every 4 weeks to keep you in line with your goals. Messages are answered within 24 hours.

    £40.00 GBP
    per month
  • PT - 1 Session Per Week

    1 Personal training session per week.

    Every month you will get 5 session credits for PT Sessions (expire after 1 month)

    £120.00 GBP
    per month
  • PT - 2 Sessions Per Week

    Every month you will get 10 session credits for PT Sessions (expire after 1 month)

    £200.00 GBP
    per month
  • Sport Performance Program

    This program is designed to maximise your sporting performance. Aimed at amateur and semi professional sports players this 3 session a week program will help you first to recover quicker. Then improve your work capacity and strength. Then finally allow you to work to your potential week in week out. Designed in 6 week blocks to ensure you get enough exposure to a certain exercise to improve but not so long that your get too comfortable.

    £20.00 GBP
    per month

Session Packs

  • PT - Session Blocks

    / 60 min / one time

    Block booking for PT.

    6 Sessions

    Expire after 3 months
    £180.00 GBP
    £30.00 / session

    10 Sessions

    Expire after 3 months
    £250.00 GBP
    £25.00 / session