Welcome to Continued Growth Coaching. Client centered deep health and lifestyle coaching for women. Where science and spirituality live in perfect harmony. Where self consciousness turns into self confidence. Where chaos and problems turn into peace and solutions. Where you finally feel like all of your personal health, wellness, and life goals are becoming your reality. Holistic healing, progressive fitness programs, womens health education, and genuine support and accountability for women of all ages, backgrounds, body types, and goals. Let's Grow Together.

Main Products

  • Level 1: VEGA

    Level 1: VEGA Like the Vega Star in the Northern Constellation of Lyra, YOU are the brightest most radiant star in your constellation. The first approach to optimizing your health is understanding how to care for yourself and your life in a really seamless loving way. In this program you will begin to lay the foundation for a very balanced, healthy, abundant mind, body, & life. $25 / month for monthly mindset and self care workbook, deep health focused movement & training program, and group chat access for connection and resources. Contract free. 30 days notice to upgrade or depart your program.

    $25.00 USD
    per month
  • Level 2: SUPERNOVA

    Level 2: SUPERNOVA A SuperNova is the death of a star so powerful it has the potential to create new planets and life forms. In order to evolve, we must leave behind what no longer serves us and lean into everything we are capable of doing to make our dreams and desires our reality. $125 / month for monthly mindset and self care workbook, deep health focused movement program, nutrition guidance, and group access for connection & resources. To encourage deep internal transformation and soul connection you have the option of booking a monthly Deep Health Expansion call with your coach. 1:1 (60 minutes) Contract free, 30 day notice to upgrade or depart your program.

    Every month you will get 1 session credits for Deep Health Expansion (expire after 1 month)

    $125.00 USD
    per month
  • Level 3: FLO

    Level 3: FLO (Full Lifestyle Optimization) Take your life to the abundant and radiant place you’ve always dreamed of. Reside in your ideal mind, body and soul. Become at peace and connected with who you are inside and out to achieve your most optimal self mentally and physically. Learn how to lead a life of self care and self discipline that feels like perfect harmony so you can be the master of your life.🏆 $325 / month for a completely customized deep health focused 1:1 coaching experience. Mindset, Movement, Inner Health, Self Care, Stress Management and Self Mastery. Full text access to your coach for daily support, weekly (60 minute) 1:1 deep health expansion calls, and monthly deep health check ins with protocol updates. 12 month coaching agreement

    Every month you will get 4 session credits for Deep Health Expansion (expire after 1 month)

    $325.00 USD
    per month

Session Packs

  • Deep Health Expansion Call

    / 60 min / one time

    Dive deep into your mind, body and soul to discover and overcome subconscious limiting beliefs, scarcity mindset, self doubt, and energetic blocks so you can start living your most optimal abundant life. 6 (60 minute) 1:1 video calls for you to pour into your deep health expansion. Your coach will support and provide real tangible advice and protocol for you to implement. From journaling through energetic blocks to mastering your relationship with food and movement. From manifesting and shadow work to time management and habit stacking. There are no limits on how you can expand your deep health.

    6 Sessions

    Expire after 2 months
    $444.00 USD
    $74.00 / session