Natalie Carey

Natalie Carey

Main Products

  • Customizable Personal Training

    Personal Training with Natalie Carey/Barbell Blondie is an all-bodies-welcome-here workout program. Includes: -Monthly Workout Calendar w/ all exercises and instructions -Optional Bonus workouts (Cardio and Stretching) -Energizing Workout Playlists -Options for Bodyweight Only, Resistance Bands, and Dumbbells -1:1 Movement Assessment (optional add-on) -Customizations for your goals and needs (optional add-on) -Virtual 1:1 check in sessions (optional add-on) -Bonus guides to Travel Exercise, Goal Tracking, and Body Image Makeovers -Access to my Non-Shamey Nutrition Party -One time signup gift (optional add-on)

    $39.00 USD
    per month
  • Movement Assessment

    Awesome! You're on your way to knowing more about how your body moves. This movement assessment will include: -Form analysis on foundational exercises -Report on findings, can be used to assist your physical therapist or chiropractor or even massage therapist -Up to 10 recommended exercises/stretches to improve your exercise experience OR used toward creating a full 4 week program

    $175.00 USD
    one time


  • Customized Program w/ Monthly Check-in Session

    This includes your 100% customized program tailored just to your unique needs, along with 1 session (virtual or in person) to review the exercises together so you feel confident in following your program! Includes: -Program adjustments throughout the month -Unlimited messaging to trainer -1 50 minute session/ month

    $400.00 USD
    per month